Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - August 4th
Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - August 4th

Dota 2 Champions League 2021 Season 2 is moving on to the playoff stage. On day 1 of the playoffs we will cover all 4 division 1 (upper bracket) matches.

rand 1919
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4th Aug, 21·☕️ 3 min read

Champions League 2021: Hellbear Smashers vs Chicken Fighters

Chicken Fighters +1.5 @ 1.64

Regarding their last clashes, those two teams faced each other 5 times this year and 3 out of 5 times, Chicken Fighters were a better squad. Last series that was played a few days ago went to Hellbear Smashers hands, 2-0. Hellbear Smashers won the group stage dominantly, with only 1 loss vs Spider Pigz and only 4 maps lost out of 22 played. Surely, they are in much better form than Chicken Fighters, but I do believe Chicken Fighters have the lineup to be dangerous to a team like Hellbears for sure. Winning one map is a possibility here for them, otherwise Hellbears are big favourites in this series.

Champions League 2021: PuckChamp vs Team Spirit

Team Spirit -1.5 @ 1.65

Team Spirit is one of the best or the best team from CIS region at the moment. Together with VirtusPro, they are dominating the region. For that reason, they were invited to those playoffs, so they’ve skipped the whole group stage. PuckChamp barely made it to the playoffs, finishing in 6th place, last that was leading to the playoffs. They had some good maps, but I doubt they can be dangerous for Team Spirit. Of course, if Team Spirit decides to play this match seriously I expect 2-0 for them.

Champions League 2021: Team Unique vs Nemiga

Team Unique @ 1.59

Team Unique and Nemiga have a long match history. Since May, they’ve played 5 times. Unique won 3 matches and one was the grand finals of another tournament, while Nemiga won 2 best of 3 series. Nemiga won their last clash with 2-1 and it was a few days ago in the group stages of this event. I do believe overall Unique is playing better and has better players, and that should be enough to take down Nemiga in this playoff match. Risks are much higher now.

Champions League 2021: V Gaming vs Tundra

Tundra -1.5 @ 1.60

This will be the first clash between those two teams. V Gaming as a new team on the block is doing amazingly as they’ve won 2-0 against Chicken Fighters in their last group stage match. Tundra is a team that can play an equal match vs almost all the best teams in Europe when in good form, so I doubt V Gaming will have too much of a chance here. Tundra must win this, that’s for sure, but we will see if they can do it with 2-0. Odds are okay, not that bad, but I expect them to give everything for it.