Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - August 23rd
Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - August 23rd

Situation in the Chinese i-League is getting pretty interesting. Some top teams are already taking a lead after 4 days of play. Day 5 is here, let’s analyse next matches.

rand 1919
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23rd Aug, 21·☕️ 2 min read

i-League 2021: Aster.Aries vs Invictus Gaming

Invictus Gaming -1.5 @ 1.66

Invictus Gaming is really disappointing us. With only 1 victory from 3 matches, they are currently holding 5th place. Their map win-loss ratio is negative too, 3 maps won, 4 lost. However, now they need to play vs maybe the worst team in this league so far. Aster. Aries is the 2nd division of Team Aster and their academy team. They played only 1 match so far as they’ve lost to Team MagMa to 1-2. By the way, Team Magma is maybe one of the lowest ranked teams in this season of i-League, together with Aster.Aries. On paper, Invictus Gaming should be dominant, they are big favourites and they should win easily vs teams like Aster.Aries. However, in Chinese Dota anything can happen. I still believe Invictus Gaming has all it takes to win this series with 2-0. That would be the only logical result.

i-League 2021: Team Aster vs Elephant

Elephant @ 1.67

This will be an amazing series potentially. One of the top Chinese contenders fighting each other. Those two squads are surely in the top 5 teams in China right now, and maybe one of those teams has the power to conquer the Chinese scene right now. Aster is holding 1st place in the group stage so far with 2 wins and 4-2 in maps. Elephant is 1-1, but they showed great power and strength vs Invictus Gaming (2-0). Since May those two teams faced each other 3 times and Team Aster won all 3 series. However, since May they haven’t played any official matches vs each other. It will be interesting to see this outcome today, but I believe Elephant is in slightly better form and shape right now. They could do it. Over 2.5 maps is a good bet here too, it could be close.