Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - April 13th
Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - April 13th

DPC Season 2 is about to start, and all the best teams in each region are getting warmed up. Europe is starting amongst the first

rand 1919
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13th Apr, 21·☕️ 3 min read

DPC Season 2 is about to start, and all the best teams in each region are getting warmed up. Europe is starting amongst the first, and on day 1 we will watch 3 amazing matches. One in the lower division and two in upper divisions of DreamLeague.

DreamLeague EU Lower Division: vs Level Up -1.5 @ 1.36

This is a one way street for Level Up. Street with a no way out. Mixed stack with players like Level Up doesn’t have any big future. Level Up is not doing good, and their lineup is not working and won’t achieve anything in the near future. Led by a Brazilian, ex B8 player, RdO, Level Up is looking to surprise But I doubt it can happen. are a tier 2 EU squad, at their worst. Sometimes even tier 1, and they are killing teams like Level Up. Their last series win was vs Brame (2-0), the same team that crushed Level Up a few days ago with 0-2. Anything other than taking the series with 2-0 would be very surprising.

DreamLeague EU Upper Division: Tundra vs HellBear Smashers

Tundra @ 1.41

Tundra is a really nice squad on the paper. And with their carry Skitter, which I really admire, they are looking to open this DPC Season 2 with a win. They are surely in the position to take a win here. Being careful here is a good team, as we didn’t see those teams playing for quite some time now, so it will take a few matches before we see how they are currently standing. My money is on Tundra, as I do believe they have a really nice stack of players that can do some great things (obviously not to win TI). Their last matches were almost a month ago, so be gentle with your bets and stakes here.

DreamLeague EU Upper Division: OG vs Brame

OG -1.5 @ 1.69

This is surely a match of the day. Not because Brame is playing, but because OG is playing. Famous 2x TI winning player, ana is back in the famous OG lineup, and they are again looking scary. With one of the best players in the world, ana, together with strong players like Topson and one of the best captains, NoTail, who knows how far will OG go this season. Let’s not overreact tho, we have no idea in what kind of shape ana is and how he will perform in those opening matches. Somehow, I do believe in OG, I don’t see them failing here, even though their DPC Season 1 was a disaster. Plus they’ve missed a Major. Without ana tho. They must do good here, Brame is not so strong to be able to surprise OG so hard.