Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - May 5th
Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - May 5th

Today the Pinnacle Cup is starting. Together with that we will continue to follow the DPC season in the EU region. Here are picks and predictions for today’s matches.

rand 1919
Freelance Esports Writer
4th May, 21·☕️ 3 min read

Pinnacle Cup: HellRaisers vs @ 1.40

First series of a new edition of Pinnacle Cup is starting with amazing series between EU and CIS teams. are favourites here and undoubtedly a better squad. In the Dreamleague lower division they are playing pretty good and destroying their competition. However, Hellraisers are starting to take a grip too, but I doubt they can take down. They have too many flaws in their play. should take this series.

Pinnacle Cup: EXTREMUM vs Team Unique

Team Unique @ 1.38

Same situation here with Unique and EXTREMUM. Both decent tier 2 CIS squads, but I do believe Uniqe has upper hand here. They faced each other 3 times this year, and Unique won 2 matches. In their most recent series in March, Unique crushed EXTREMUM with 2-0. EXTREMUM is playing so changeable, and they are on a 4 match losing streak. Their recent loss vs PuckChamp showed all their weaknesses. This is a real chance for Unique to open the Pinnacle Cup with a strong win.

Pinnacle Cup: Chicken Fighters vs PuckChamp

Chicken Fighters @ 1.81

This is pretty even match, and it’s hard for me to predict a real winner here. I can give a small edge to Chicken Fighters, just because of their good individuals. PuckChamp has amazing team play, but in the end drafts will have a big role. 55-45 for Chicken Fighters here, if you ask me. This will be their first clash.

DreamLeague Western Europe Upper Division: Hellbear Smashers vs Nigma

Nigma @ 1.24

Nigma are heavy favourites here, as Hellbear Smashers are on a 5 match losing streak. However in that losing streak they took maps off OG, Secret and Tundra which is pretty impressive. On the other side, Nigma with iLTW is looking solid, even if that’s still not it, that’s far from what they can do. Nigma is holding the middle of the table with 2 wins and 2 losses, while Hellbear Smashers are the last ranked team with 4 straight losses. Maybe they can pull out a map here, but Nigma won’t and can’t lose this series. Nigma ML big bet is a way to go.

DreamLeague Western Europe Lower Division: Chicken Fighters vs Ghost Frogs

Chicken Fighters @ 1.47

I’m on the Chicken Fighters side today. Their roster is pretty good, and they already have a win over Ghost Frogs this season. Yes, BoraNija from Ghost Frogs can carry out games, that’s for sure, but Chicken Fighters are looking better as a squad right now. If Chicken’s can beat PuckChamp in their match before, that will give them extra boost for this one too, and the odds would drop, so this is a chance to take this decent odds on Chicken Fighters ML bet.