Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - May 4th
Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - May 4th

Today we are focused fully on Europe and matches there. We will watch one lower tier match in the lower division of Dreamleague and 2 amazing matches in the upper division featuring OG and Alliance. Here are my picks and predictions for Tuesday.

rand 1919
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3rd May, 21·☕️ 3 min read

DreamLeague Western Europe Lower Division: Into The Breach vs Bald

Into The Breach @ 1.48

This will be a very interesting series vs lower tier teams. Ex Creepwave or Into The Breach how they call themselves now is a pretty decent squad, led by Greek player thug. Both squads have statistics, 1-2. With 1 win and 2 losses they are sharing 6th position right now. Only difference is that Into The Breach has 1 more map win then Bald. Bald has some pretty famous names in their lineup like streamer Gorgc or ex pro player Xcalibur. Because this is a lower tier match I would say anything is possible here, but if we will watch some serious Dota, Into The Breach should take this. Gorgc and Xcalibur are far away from the pro competitive level of Dota right now.

DreamLeague Western Europe Upper Division: OG vs Tundra

OG @ 1.32

OG and Tundra played 3 matches this year and OG won all 3 of them. Now with ana back to pro games, I expect OG to crush Tundra. Tundra is a really decent squad on paper, but I don’t think they have too many chances vs this OG. Yes, OG tends to fool around, but they need this win to stay competitive for top 2 positions in the end. They are holding 3rd rank currently with 2 wins and 1 loss. If Hellbear Smashers took 1 map off OG, I wouldn’t risk here with -1.5 handicap on OG for example. You never know with OG, and especially now when they need to adjust again to their play with ana, even though ana carried them hard in the last games. Big bet on OG ML here.

DreamLeague Western Europe Upper Division: Brame vs Alliance

Alliance -1.5 @ 1.74

This could be a tricky series, but I’ve decided to go with Alliance taking the series 2-0. Why? Well, because they are playing the best Dota right now, at least at this moment. 4 straight wins in the upper division. Wins over Secret, Nigma, Liquid and OG are something that they must be proud of. NikoBaby is playing Dota of this life and he is the best player of Alliance so far. Even s4 improved his plays and rotations a lot, and they surely deserved this. When other squads are having problems with their performance, Alliance is killing it. However, Brame is not a team that can be taken lightly. They’ve managed to take a map off Liquid and Nigma, which is pretty good. That’s why I say that this is a very risky bet. If you want a safer bet and find good odds, I would suggest going Alliance ML, if you can catch up the odds between 1.30 and 1.40. Otherwise, let’s gamble. Quality and form is on Alliance’s side, but a draft will have a big role here. If luck hits Brame, they can surely take a map, otherwise Alliance will crush them, or at least I expect this.