Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - March 10th
Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - March 10th

The 9th match day of the EPIC League group stage is here

rand 1919
Freelance Esports Writer
10th Mar, 21·☕️ 3 min read

Today we will watch 3 decent matchups that will determine the fate of some teams. Here are picks and predictions for Wednesday matches.

EPIC League Season 3: High Coast Esports vs VP.Prodigy

High Coast Esports @ 1.30

On paper, this should be High Coast’s series. But statistics wise, both teams are in very bad form. It’s very tough match for the VirtusPro youngsters, an unproven CIS squad. VP.Prodigy has 5 losses in a row, while High Coast Esports (ex Chicken Fighters), have 1 win out of their last 5 matches in all competitions. Their last win was 2-0 vs, while in all 4 matches after that they’ve managed to take only 1 map, but lose 8 of them. Both squads are on the edge of elimination here, as the team who loses will drop out of the competition, while the winner will have 1 more chance to go through. My money is on High Coast Esports as they are a much better squad compared to VP.Prodigy. VP.Prodigy can be attractive and competitive on CIS scene, but I doubt that they can do anything vs EU squads.

EPIC League Season 3: Team Spirit vs Brame

Team Spirit @ 1.42

Team Spirit are one of the best young squads from CIS region. Up and coming and really competitive team that can do really good vs big guns in CIS like VP or NaVi. However, now they are facing Brame, a mixed EU squad with famous Greek players like SkyLark and Spartan. Even though Brame is on the rise, they are still not on the level that they need to be for such matches. Team Spirit showed amazing teamplays and ingame coordination in their last series. Their match history is showing that. 4 wins and 1 loss in their last 5 competitive matches. Plus their loss was vs very strong Gambit, and it ended up in a very close 1-2 result. Both teams have 2-0 in the division, and the team who will win this will qualify for the Division 1 of this tournament. Brame can surprise here, but I think chances for that are slim. Spirit ML bet is the best bet you can go here because odds are not that bad at all.

EPIC League Season 3: Dota Team vs Team Unique

Dota Team @ 2.04

Even though Team Unique are slight favourites here, I somehow believe that Dota Team can shock them here and make an upset. Dota Team is a new squad consisting of experienced players like Solo as captain, Ramzes and fn as carry players. Their start was very bad. 0-2 vs Team Spirit and 2-1 vs VP.Prodigy. On the other side, Team Unique has only 2 wins from the last 5 matches. Their last match was a 1-2 loss vs Brame. Even though they are not so strong on paper, they have extremely good team plays and coordination. Compared to the Dota Team who has big names in the squad. I feel like Dota Team will have their chance in this, even if this is 6t0-40 in favour of Unique. With Ramzes, fn and Solo leading the squad, I do believe they can surprise a team like Unique for sure. This is a real value bet with excellent odds and minimum risk compared to the odds.