Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - June 24th
Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - June 24th

Day 1 of Eastern European TI10 qualifiers was amazing. 6 awesome series, and almost all went as expected.

rand 1919
Freelance Esports Writer
24th Jun, 21·☕️ 3 min read

Today we will watch 2 upper bracket matches and 4 lower bracket matches.

TI10 EEU Qualifier: Winstrike vs Team Empire

Winstrike @ 1.33

Winstike lost to Team Spirit in the upper bracket round 1 of the event, but that was expected, since Spirit is a heavy candidate for the 1st place. Empire had a walkover in the lower bracket round 1, and now they need to play their first match against solid Winstrike. Winstrike are a much better squad overall and I expect them to take this victory. With this loss, the Empire will be eliminated.

TI10 EEU Qualifier: Team Unique vs B8

Team Unique @ 1.45

I believed in B8 in the lower bracket round 1 and I was right. They crushed NoTechies 2-0, but now they have their first serious opponent. And this match can be fatal for B8. Even though Team Unique lost 0-2 to PuckChamp in the upper bracket, I still do believe it wouldn’t be too hard for them to beat B8, which is like one of the worst teams in this tournament. Team Unique ML bet here is a good one, odds are not that bad at all.

TI10 EEU Qualifier: AS Monaco Gambit vs Fantastic Five

AS Monaco Gambit -1.5 @ 1.52

Gambit are heavy favourites here, and it’s very strange that we see them in the lower bracket here. Right before the tournament started, I placed them in the top 3 of the favourites for this one. And they failed already on the first step. HellRaisers managed to beat them 2-1 and knock them down the lower bracket. They don’t have room for mistakes anymore, they must play out of their minds in all matches. I believe they can go all the way in the lower bracket for sure. I expect Gambit to crush Fantastic Five here with a dominant 2-0 score, so handicap -1.5 is a good way to go.

TI10 EEU Qualifier: EXTREMUM vs Nemiga


Maybe this is the most valuable bet of the day, just because of the odds on EXTREMUM victory. I believe in EXTREMUM, even though Natus Vincere crushed them 2-0 on the day 1. Nemiga is decent tier 2-3 CIS squad, but I feel like EXTREMUM is on another level compared to them. With a little bit of luck they can go far in this tournament, but of course they can’t beat Spirit and NaVi, they are not that strong. Nemiga is a team for them, a team that they can comfortably beat.

TI10 EEU Qualifier: Natus Vincere vs HellRaisers

Natus Vincere @ 1.39

Good odds on NaVi victory. If you go 5 units bet, it should be enough. NaVi crushed EXTREMUM in round 1, while HellRaisers surprised AS Monaco Gambit with a close 2-1 result. This series can go all the way to 3 maps, so I would skip any map handicaps here. Over 2.5 is a good bet here, but if you want to go safer, bet on NaVi.