Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - June 18th
Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - June 18th

Today we are moving on with the ESL One Summer 2021. Two upper and two lower bracket matches are waiting for us.

rand 1919
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18th Jun, 21·☕️ 3 min read

Today we will say goodbye to another 2 Dota 2 squads. Here are my picks and predictions for Friday.

ESL One Summer 2021: VirtusPro vs Alliance

Alliance +1.5 @ 1.45

Strange enough, but VirtusPro are straight favourites in this series. Alliance is a much more popular squad and they have the MVP in the rows, NiKoBaby. But it’s questionable if that’s enough to beat VirtusPro who is playing in very decent form. I think this will be the way closer match that odds are showing, so I’m suggesting you pick those decent Alliance +1.5 odds. They can surely pull off a map here, if not the whole series.

ESL One Summer 2021: T1 vs Quincy Crew

T1 @ 1.63

Another interesting series. T1 played one match so far in this tournament, as they beat with 2-0 in the upper bracket round 2. In the same round, Quincy Crew played a close series vs Tundra, a squad that tragically dropped out of the tournament already, with their losses vs Quincy Crew and Gambit. T1 showed once again that they are playing in excellent form, and 3rd place from the recent AniMajor proved that. This is a straight must win for them, odds are amazing. I do think T1 has more quality and more strength to overcome North Americans.

ESL One Summer 2021: Team Nigma vs OG

OG +1.5 @ 1.48

I don’t trust Nigma nor OG here. This series is slightly favouring Nigma, but OG can surprise. OG is in terrible form, and since Sumail joined they didn’t show anything special in their games. OG lost to VirtusPro in the upper bracket round 2, to overcome Team Liquid with 2-0 in the lower bracket round 1 yesterday. Nigma surprisingly lost to with 0-2, to be able to surprisingly beat Team Secret in a 3 map series (2-1). OG taking map 1 is almost certain here if you ask me, and that’s the best bet you can do here, together with Over 2.5 maps maybe, which is more riskier.

ESL One Summer 2021: Gambit vs

Gambit +1.5 @ 1.54

Very hard match to bet on. I do think this series is 50-50 and it can potentially go either way. I can’t predict any winner here as both teams have their ups and downs. Gambit with 2 new players in the lineup are trying to catch a break, while is far away from the old with Tobi. are favourites according to sportsbooks, but Gambit showed amazing performance vs Tundra yesterday, and I do think with this kind of play they can pull off a map vs