Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - April 29th
Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - April 29th

Today we are focusing on CIS matches. We are following one lower division DPC clash and one from the upper division.

rand 1919
Freelance Esports Writer
28th Apr, 21·☕️ 2 min read

ESL One CIS Lower Division: NoTechies vs Trident

NoTechies @ 1.75

This is a very hard match to bet on, but odds are so good on both sides. Basically those are the teams that didn’t win a single map in this lower CIS division. NoTechies are 0-3, which means without a win. 0-6 in the maps. On the other side Trident are 0-2, and 0-4 in the maps. NoTechies are slightly favoured on sportsbooks, and I believe they have more chance to take this series, even if this could be a blind bet. Their lineup is led by famous Solo, ex VirtusPro captain. Trident on the other side have a completely unknown squad, and I base my bet here only on Solo’s experience and possibility to lead the squad. That should really be crucial in this type of match. Take those juicy odds.

ESL One CIS Upper Division: PuckChamp vs EXTREMUM

EXTREMUM +1.5 @ 1.55

I really do like EXTREMUM, but they are just not delivering it. PuckChamp are of course favourites here, and we will use that in our favour here by betting on +1.5 handicap on EXTREMUM. Both squads are in bad form, and I do believe EXTREMUM has everything that it takes to surprise PuckChamp here, and take a map at least. Both teams have 2 losses from 2 matches in the CIS DPC upper division. But EXTREMUM played a close series against Winstrike, which is a pretty solid CIS team. They’ve managed to pull out a map there which means more to me then PuckChamp’s map against Unique. Odds are higher on EXTREMUM handicap then with PuckChamp ML bet, and this is pretty good for us. PuckChamp has a much better chance to win and I do believe they can take this series, but I don’t believe it will be a clean one.