CS:GO (IEM) Daily Betting Tips - February 20th
CS:GO (IEM) Daily Betting Tips - February 20th

We analyse today's head-to-head prop bet between NiKo and Ethan

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20th Feb, 21·☕️ 2 min read

ethan vs niko

Who Will Get More Kills? Ethan Vs NiKo (Match)

Recommended Bet: NiKo (2.00)

NiKo is matched up with Ethan of Evil Geniuses in this H2H matchup at even odds. This is an excellent bet on NiKo and one that I can recommend with confidence. Since NiKo joined G2, players like huNter- and kennyS have taken a bit of a backseat and it has been NiKo who has been the star of the show, posting 0.77 kills/round in 1617 rounds.

It is likely that we see maps like Vertigo and Nuke in this series, and while these have been pretty poor maps for NiKo on G2, it isn’t enough to persuade me to take Ethan here. In fact, Nuke was always a great map for NiKo throughout his time on FaZe so he should be able to improve his numbers. If this was a matchup with Brehze, it would be a bit closer, but Ethan isn’t that great on these maps either. Add in the fact that G2 are coming in as the favorite and I think you have to take NiKo here at even odds.