Call of Duty Daily Betting Tips - May 27th
Call of Duty Daily Betting Tips - May 27th

The Call of Duty League moves on to the fourth stage. The Chicago Home Series begins on Friday with a packed schedule of matches over this weekend.

Nikhil Kalro
Freelance Esports Writer
26th May, 21·☕️ 2 min read

Toronto Ultra v Florida Mutineers

Toronto Ultra (1.25)

Toronto Ultra are coming into this game on the back of a sensational Stage 3, which included five wins in five games in Group A. Toronto was the only team to remain unbeaten through the third stage. Florida Mutineers will not be easy to beat, especially considering they won three of five matches in that third stage. However, the strength and depth of the Toronto Ultra over five maps will be too hard to match for the Mutineers.

Dallas Empire v London Royal Ravens

Dallas Empire (1.47)

This is a bit trickier. However, the Dallas Empire have been more consistent over a longer period. In Call of Duty, anything can happen over the course of five maps. But on paper, the data supports the Dallas Empire. The London Royal Ravens finished fifth in Group B in the third stage, with a 2-3 record, advancing to Elimination Round 1. The Empire were slightly better, winning three of five matches. One of those two defeats was to the indefatigable Toronto Ultra. These odds of 1.47 aren’t too bad either.

Chicago Optic v Minnesota Roekkr

Minnesota Roekkr (3.00)

Among the scheduled matches on Friday and Saturday, this one is most ripe for an upset. Both teams had identical records in the third stage of the Call of Duty League, winning two and losing three matches. Both teams also finished fourth in their respective groups. Chicago Optic were definitely better in the regular season with a 15-11 record, gathering 200 CDL points with a win percentage of over 57. However, Minnesota wasn’t too far behind. They won 9 of 10 matches to pick up 140 CDL points. It’s not close to a comfortable win for the Optic, which is why Roekkr makes for a compelling bet.