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Everyone has their one favourite tennis player. Whether it’s the World’s Number One Novak Djokovic or the world-dominating Serena Williams, you may have an affinity to a tennis star. Consequently, you follow them on the circuit and watch them work their way to Grand Slam glory but what’s in it for you? Now you can wager on specific tennis matches or tournaments via Picklebet. Predicting the outcome successfully will ensure that you feel as happy as Rafa Nadal on clay.

Why Trust Picklebet for Tennis Betting?

Online betting is a popular entertainment option but since it’s the internet, you should be wary about where you spend your money. Picklebet is a licensed operation that Australia’s Northern Territory government regulates. Primarily, Picklebet is an esports wagering platform that builds products that can entertain and deliver an engaging experience for our users. For this reason, we started offering betting on traditional sports and tennis is one of them.

Furthermore, we honour our players and ensure we process withdrawals timeously for your peace of mind. Once you’ve withdrawn funds from your playing account, you can expect it in your bank account within one to three business days.

Our customer support team is available via a Live Chat or through email, should you require further affirmation.

A History of Tennis

The origins of tennis contain several stories but there’s one common thread - it started in the 12th century from a French handball game called “Paume” (palm). “Jeu de Paume” (game of the palm) was the complete name that described the rules of the game - striking the ball with the palm of your hand.

The game became popular in England and France with Henry the Eighth being a huge fan. It wasn’t until the 16th century that racquets were introduced and the word tennis came into the picture. The name came from Old French, via the term “Tenez”, which translated to “hold!”, “receive!” or “take!”. Some interesting facts regarding tennis terminology include:

  • Racquet, which came from the Arabic “rakhat”, translated as ‘the palm of the hand’.
  • Deuce stems from “à deux le jeu”, which means “to both is the game” which is why the umpire calls it when the game is tied.
  • The word “love” is said to be a sound alike for the French “l’oeuf” or egg which represents the shape of a zero.
  • While there’s no real evidence behind the scoring of tennis, some historians believe it was taken from the quadrants of a clock. Hence the initial scoring contained 15, 30, and 45. It only changed to 40, later on, to make it easier.

Currently, there are four major tournaments - Wimbledon, US Open, French Open and Australian Open. Starting in the 1920s, these were the prominent tennis events and winning all four of them resulted in a Grand Slam.

In 1877, the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club founded Wimbledon as a club fundraiser. The first event saw 22 men compete for the title of “The All England Lawn Tennis Club Single Handed Champion of the World”. It was only in 1884 that women entered the fray.

In the US, tennis became popular in 1881 when there was a tournament at the Staten Island Cricket and Baseball Club in New York. Englishman Otway Woodhouse won the singles match. On May 21st, the United States National Lawn Tennis Association (now the United States Tennis Association) came into existence and the U.S. National Men’s Singles Championship was held in Rhode Island. Seven years later, the women’s version took place in Philadelphia.

The French Open dates back to 1891 as it was known as the Championat de France International de Tennis. It wasn’t until 1925 when they recognised international players that the tournament became a major.

The Australian Open started in 1905 as The Australasian Championships. Due to its location, the tournament didn’t attract top tennis players but in 1924, it became one of the majors in tennis.

Tennis has since evolved to capture the attention of spectators from around the world. The fitness levels of current players have helped elevate the status of tennis into one of the most competitive, endurance sporting codes around.

Common Questions

Why was my bet on a tennis match voided?

Tennis is unpredictable as a player can retire in the middle of a match due to injury or illness. To be fair to all users, we void that fixture regardless of the outcome of the match. If you’ve placed a multi-bet, your bet remains live with the odds for the voided match reverting to 1.00.

Who do I contact if I need help?

We have a dedicated customer support team that you can contact via Live Chat by clicking the “Help” button on your bottom-left or you can email

What is a multi-bet?

A multi-bet allows you to take a series of single bets as one, complete multi-bet. Each bet is referred to as a leg and their odds are multiplied together with each bet. The more legs you have in a multi-bet, the higher the potential payout.

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