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Sports betting is the activity of placing a wager on the outcome of a professional sports match.

Bets or wagers on sports can be anything from picking a team to win a fixture, picking a team to win a tournament, or various types of handicap and line betting which offer better odds but are harder to predict. For example, in a game of football you can bet on: a team to win, a team to win by a certain score (e.g. 2-1), a certain team to win by 1+ or 2+ goals, and a certain player to score a goal.

Match odds on sports work the same way as our esports odds. Picklebet acts as the bookmaker and calculates odds on the betting markets and users can wager cash on these betting markets.

We offer markets on sports such as American football, Basketball, Motorsports, Mixed Martial Arts, Soccer, Boxing, Tennis, and Cricket along with many others. You can place any kind of bets you want on these markets, such as a simple head to head (the Los Angeles Lakers to beat the Boston Celtics) or exotic bets, such as Lebron James to score over 30 points in the match.

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rand 1919
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