Esport Daily Fantasy Live View Explained

Read picklebet's guide on the daily fantasy live view, what this view allows you to see from the different contests that are running and how to play.

Live View Page

Picklebet’s fantasy live view provides the user with a portal to view the daily fantasy esports contest in real time with live stream integration.

  • Most daily fantasy contests show the scoring data updating in real time. However if we cannot get access to real time data, the data is entered once the match is completed. *

When the first match in a contest begins, the contest moves from the ‘roster build’ mode into ‘live view’ mode. (To learn about the roster build page, check our esports daily fantasy how to article). Once the contest is in live view mode it is not longer possible to enter the daily fantasy contest.

Above the fold, the live view page is similar to the roster build page, here is explanation of the each section from the top down.

Name of the Esport and Contest Title

At the top of the live view page you will see the name of the esport (for example LoL which is short for League of Legends, or CS:GO, which is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive)

Directly under this is the Contest Title.


Contest Information

Entry Fee: This is the cost to enter the contest.

Entries: This is the number of rosters that have been submitted to the contest over the maximum number of roster entries. Note: In some contests it will be possible for users to submit multiple rosters.

Prize Pool: This is the total prize amount allocated to the contest. This will be in USD.

Time Till Start: This will change from a countdown timer to ‘LIVE’


At the top right of the live view page you will see the CONTEST INFO button. This contains important information that relates to the contest.

How To Play

This tab has an inserted video which shows you how to enter a daily fantasy contest.


This tab shows how the total prize pool is distributed. 1st, 2nd, 3rd … etc.


This tab shows the list of all the users that have submitted a roster to the contest. If a user has submitted more than one roster, the number of rosters submitted will be shown inside ( ) next to the username.


This tab lists the professional esports matches that the contest is built around. More information on this further down.


This tab shows how points are allocated to the esports players. More information on this further down.


This tab shows the overall rules relating to the contest.


At the middle of the screen, just above the fold you will see a selection of matches going left to right. These are the professional esports matches which the contest is built around.

The match state will be listed under each match. If a match is yet to begin it will read ‘PENDING’, when a match is live it will read ‘LIVE’ and when a match has finished it will read ‘COMPLETED'.

A notification badge will appear on each of the team profile avatars. This is an indicator of the rounds the team has won or lost.

When a match is live, you can click on the ‘LIVE’ text which will present a dropdown of livestream links. You can select a link to stream the match live. The livestream video will expand just under the page fold.

Ladder and Live Stats

Beneath the fold, in the middle of the screen you will see the list of players within a statistics box and the ladder on the left hand side.

The Statistics Box

The statistics box updates all the player scores as the matches unfolds in real time (pending the data is received in real time from picklebet's data provider. If the data is not live, the scores will be updated post match).

At the top left of the box there is a modal where you can filter teams and to the right you have a text filter where you can filter individual players.

Player Column

This lists all the players from all the teams which make up the daily fantasy esports contest.

Matches Column

This is the number of matches the player will play in the daily fantasy esports contest.

Kills Column

This is the number of kills the player scores.

Death Column

This is the number of times the player dies.

Assists Column

This is the number of assists the player scores.


This show the total points the player has scored at any one given time during the contest. The points are made up from two parts:

  1. Individual player points. Kills, assists and deaths.
  2. Team points. Team points vary depending on the game type. (Note: The team points have not been broken out separately in the statistics box).

You can see how many points are allocated to each action in the CONTEST INFO modal.

The Ladder

The ladder is a list of all the users that have submitted rosters to the contest.

The ladder displays the position of each users roster(s) in chronological order, the username, the current points allocated to each roster at any one given time, and the amount of USD a roster is currently winning.

The ladder updates in real time as the players score points (pending the data is received in real time from picklebet's data provider. If the data is not live, the scores will be updated post match).

If you click on a user roster, it will show the roster line up the statistic box.


When the last match of the contest finishes the contest is effectively complete. The final data will be cross checked to ensure that there are no errors.

This can take up to 24 hours. Once the data is checked the contest will be resulted, which will move the contest in the completed state, at which point the winnings will be credited to the users ewallet.


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