LoL (EU Masters) Daily Betting Tips - September 10th

Action from the European Masters is back on Thursday evening. We take a look at some of the teams and selections to back from the day’s games.

Nikhil Kalro
Freelance Esports Writer
10th Sep, 2020·☕️ 2 min read

Samsung Morning Stars v K1ck

K1ck (1.29)

These odds are quite low for K1ck but that’s also because they are so heavily favoured in this match. K1ck had won two of their first three games in the European Masters, and have been the most explosive team in the group, at least from an offensive standpoint. iBo has been in sensational killing form, averaging 4.67 kills per game in this competition. He has got support from Shlatan and Puki Style, who have both contributed with a combined 6.67 kills per match. These three, in particular, will be extremely hard to stop. Samsung Morning Stars might be able to take a dragon or two, and delay K1ck’s push to the inhibitors, but not stop the eventual destruction of the nexus.

LDLC OL v FC Schalke Evolution

LDLC OL (2.11)

LDLC OL are a fantastic team in the French League of Legends circles. They have played 77 games in 2020, and have won 54 of them. That’s quite a high win percentage having played so many competitive leagues. Vetheo and Tynx have been their breakout stars through the calendar year. Both players have averaged well over four kills so far. Both players also have a KDA of over 3. Overall, they have a strong roster, capable of providing kills from any avenue. FC Schalke Evolution will be hard to put away but this matchup is ripe for an upset. LDLC OL also won their last game in this European Masters competition.

FC Schalke Evolution v Samsung Morning Stars

FC Schalke Evolution (1.24)

This also has quite low odds but there is a case to be made to add this selection in your bet slip for a double, possibly with K1ck in their match against the same opponent. That should increase your payout along with the risk. FC Schalke have won two of three matches in this competition, and have far too much depth in their roster for Samsung Morning Stars. This should be a much more comfortable win.


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