Flashpoint Season 2 - Preview

Flashpoint Season 2 is only moments away. We give you a rundown of the format and break down the favourites in the competition.

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10th Nov, 20·☕️ 7 min read

Flashpoint Season 2 is only moments away. We give you a rundown of the format and break down the favourites in the competition.

Competition Information

The second season of Flashpoint will feature one million dollars in prizes, making it one of the only events that haven’t reduced their prize pool after Covid-19 forced the game to transition to online play.

The event has invited three more teams to strengthen the lineup of teams for the second season, with fnatic, BIG and OG joining the fray. Two CIS teams have also made it through the qualifier, namely being and forZe. The seven founding members have undergone major roster changes, making this one of the more unpredictable events on the calendar.

The format has been simplified compared to the first season. The group stage will feature three GSL style groups of four, with best-of-threes for all matches. Once the group stage has concluded, the top two teams from each group will advance to the playoffs, with the third place teams getting a second chance in the “Last Chance Stage”, a single-elimination bracket where the top two teams get a spot in the playoffs. The best fourth place determined by map and round-differential will get the final spot in the “Last Chance Stage.”

The playoffs will feature a simple double-elimination bracket, with best-of-threes from start to finish, unlike the recent ESL events with a best-of-five for the grand final.

It is also worth noting that the top eight teams will be rewarded with BLAST Premier circuit points for this event.

The groups are as follows:

Group A

  • 🇸🇪 fnatic
  • 🇪🇺 c0ntact
  • 🇸🇪 Dignitas
  • 🇩🇰 MAD Lions

Group B

  • 🇪🇺 EnVy
  • 🇷🇺 forZe
  • 🇩🇰 BIG
  • 🇧🇷 MIBR

Group C

  • 🇪🇺 Cloud9
  • 🇰🇿
  • 🇪🇺 OG
  • 🇺🇸 Gen.G

Flashpoint Seaosn 2 kicks off November 10 and runs through December 12.

The Current Season



Record: 139 / 0 / 78
Most Played Map: Dust2 (71.4%)
Best Map: Dust2 (71.4%)
Worst Map: Vertigo (50.0%)

BIG are definitely one of the favourites to win this event. A strong team with an abundance of firepower and solid fundamentals to boot. Like fnatic, they have a group that they should get through without too much of an issue. They will be facing MIBR in the first round, a team that shocked many with their performance at BLAST Premier. However, it feels unlikely that BIG will underestimate them. This team always comes well prepared with the guidance of gob_b at the helm, so it would be surprising to see them drop the ball in this group.


Record: 82 / 0 / 81
Most Played Map: Inferno (65.9%)
Best Map: Inferno (65.9%)
Worst Map: Dust2 (35.3%)

Despite playing pretty decent CS, fnatic have continued to struggle. The fact that KRIMZ is playing well is a good sign though, and they are definitely one of the strongest and most experienced teams in this tournament. They have a very manageable group which contains c0ntact, Dignitas and MAD Lions, so it would be disappointing if they were unable to make a deep run at this event.
Record: 49 / 0 / 14
Most Played Map: Dust2 (78.9%)
Best Map: Train (100.0%)
Worst Map: Overpass (66.7%) have been the undisputed hottest team in the CIS region recently. From October 9th to November 1st, mounted a streak of 20 BO3 wins, including wins against the likes of Natus Vincere (twice), forZe and GODSENT. This team has only gotten better since buster returned to the roster, improving the strong firepower that was already there with Jame, qikert and YEKINDAR. SANJI is also a very important piece for this team, a strong aimer that plays a very sacrificial role for the team which really unlocks the potential of his fellow teammates. It is always hard to know what to expect from the CIS teams, but there is no doubt that are looking real strong heading into their first season of Flashpoint.


Record: 92 / 0 / 85
Most Played Map: Inferno (57.5%)
Best Map: Dust2 (59.4%)
Worst Map: Train (42.3%)

OG have been playing well recently, making the finals at a very stacked IEM New York and breezing through their group at BLAST Premier, climbing up to No.6 in the HLTV world rankings. While this team does lack some in the firepower department, they have really solid fundamentals and great leadership in the form of Aleksib, whos contribution really should not be understated. While OG need a lot of things to click for them to win a top tier event in Europe, but they definitely have enough quality to win an event with this level of competition. The only thing that speaks against them is that they have a very difficult group, with, Cloud9 and Gen.G.


Record: 0 / 0 / 0
Most Played Map: N/A
Best Map: N/A
Worst Map: N/A

There is a ton of hype surrounding this new Cloud9 roster as they are set to make their debut. Former analyst and CS: Source, HenryG, has been assigned the position of general manager and has formed a roster from scratch. Former Vitality in-game leader ALEX has been brought in to lead the troops, with woxic, floppy and es3tag forming a trio of established riflers. The unknown quantity of this roster is mezii, who has limited experience at the top level. However, he is definitely one of the most talented players in the UK and has the potential to do good things. We have already seen the likes of OG and FaZe take a gamble on players like this, with FaZe hitting the jackpot with mantuu, and OG getting one of the better AWPers on the market with mantuu. There is so much hype surrounding this Cloud9 side that they could easily fall flat like a pancake, but there is no doubt that they have the necessary ingredients to be a good team at the top level.

Teams with upset potential:

There are a couple of teams that have some upset potential. Two of them are in Group A, namely MAD Lions and c0ntact.

MAD Lions (acoR, sjuush, roeJ, HooXi, refrezh)

MAD Lions have made a couple of roster changes after finding it difficult to adjust with life after Bubzkji left the roster. In comes refrezh, who is perhaps most known for his stint on Cloud9, and HooXi, a young in-game leader from Copenhagen Flames. The MAD Lions core of acoR, sjuush and roeJ is already solid, so if refrezh and HooXi can bring some new life into this team, they definitely have upset potential.

c0ntact (ottoNd, EspiranTo, Snappi, Spinx, rigoN)

c0ntact may be ranked 41th in the world, but there is a level of individual quality on this team that should not be overlooked. ottoNd and EspiranTo are two players that when peaking, have the potential to do damage even against the top teams. The Israeli rifler Spinx may be largely unknown, be he is a very strong aimer that will be hungry to prove himself at this level. Snappi is a solid in-game leader, who is also respectable when it comes to the fragging department. The question is how well they will perform with rigoN, who was brought in on short notice after smooya left the team. It would be very surprising to see c0ntact go far, but they can definitely upset some of the stronger teams in the tourney.

Betting Tips

Personally, I think BIG have the best chance of winning this event. They have one of - if not the easiest - groups in the tournament, so they should have no issue making the playoffs. Their main competitors are fnatic, who have been shaky online, and Cloud9 who are completely unproven at this level. BIG have definitely performed the best out of all the teams here during the online era, so they are a proven commodity at this point. They also have a big edge in terms of firepower against a team like OG, who could potentially challenge for the title.

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