DOTA Summit Online 13: Americas - Preview

Beyond the Summit returns with DOTA Summit 13 Online, an online event featuring tournament for Europe/CIS, Southeast Asia and the Americas.

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22nd Oct, 2020·☕️ 4 min read

Season 12 vs Season 13

This time, Dota Summit is returning in online format due to still ongoing COVID-19 restrictions and pandemic. Compared to the previous version of the tournament, this one will be played in completely online mode. Last Dota Summit, Season 12, was played as a LAN, online tournament. Featuring only 6 teams and $150,000 prize pool it was surely a tournament to remember. Well, at least for Fnatic, a SEA Dota 2 squad that took 1st place vs now non existing OG Seed squad.

Dota Summit Online 13: Americas Info

Due to an online play, this tournament was divided into 3 regions. SEA and Americas regions are just starting with their group stages, while for EU/CIS part of the tournament we are still waiting for more informations to be announced. Here, we will focus on American division and it’s format, prize pool and teams participating.

Dota Summit Online 13: Americas will be held from October 21st to November 8th. Tournament features 10 teams from North and South America fighting for the total prize pool of $100,000. Keeping in mind that this is a tier 2 event, and it’s split in 3 regions, this is quite a decent prize pool overall. 10 teams will fight through a single round robin group stage with best of 2 matches. Top 4 teams at the end of the group stage will advance to the upper bracket of the playoffs, while 5th to 8th placed teams advance to the lower bracket of the playoffs. All other teams will be eliminated from the competition. Playoffs are scheduled to be held from November 4th to November 8th. Teams will need to go through a double elimination bracket best of 3 matches all the way to the grand finals which will be in nowadays standard best of 5 format. In total, we will watch 13 group stage play days.

The Teams

8 teams were directly invited to Dota Summit Season 13 Americas, while 2 teams qualified throughout open qualifiers. Plasma and Spirits Esports joined through open qualifiers, while 4Zoomers, Quincy Crew, catJAMMERS, beastcoast, Thunder Predator, Infamous, Team Brasil and Team Zero were directly invited.

dota summit teams

As we may notice, North American Dota 2 is a pretty terrible spot right now. With Evil Geniuses not playing American tournaments and rather playing European ones or not playing any, the quality of the American Dota 2 dropped quite a bit. Let’s mention that one of the best NA teams CR4ZY dropped Dota 2 squad too, so that was even a bigger hit for the American scene, even though their squad is playing under another name right now as they are not tied to an organization anymore. Competition and quality dropped quite a bit with those two, new random squads emerged with completely new and unknown players. Team Zero, Plasma and Spirits Esports are one of those teams. Amateur teams that are here just to fill out the spots.

The Favourites

What is Team Secret in Europe, Quincy Crew are in America. Undisputed champions with 7 titles and championships in a row. Basically, they’ve won all tournaments they’ve played recently. For that reason, they are the biggest favourites to take this one too. Without Evil Geniuses on the NA scene, they just don’t have real competition. Or at least, they didn’t have until now. Last American tournament was quite some time ago, and it will be interesting to see in what form teams will appear in this one. Together with QC, I would say catJAMMERS or ex CR4ZY are big contenders too. From South American teams, Thunder Predator is here to surprise us. They were pretty decent in the recent tournaments. Those are for sure my top 3 favourites for this one.


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