DOTA Summit 13 - Review

DOTA Summit 13 Online concluded last Sunday and 3 teams in 3 different regions have been crowned.

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11th Nov, 20·☕️ 5 min read

DOTA Summit 13 Americas Winner: Team Zero

The American region tournament was running from October 21st to November 8th. Featuring a $100,000 prize pool, the tournament had 10 South and North American teams fighting for the big prize. We saw some new squads, we saw some mixed squads and we saw some of the strongest American Dota 2 teams. Sadly for all the fans, Evil Geniuses was the only team from the top tier list that didn’t participate in this event.

After 7 straight tournament wins and dominating American Dota 2 since June this year, Quincy Crew was stopped this time. They were the best bet to win the Americas region, but sadly they were missing some end game. They’ve managed to come all the way to the grand finals, but were stopped there by Team Zero with a close 2-3 loss.

This season’s American champions are Team Zero. Congratulations to them as they take their first tournament win and pretty fat $42,000 cheque for their win. I would say that was more a lucky win than the best performance delivered in the tournament. The most dominating team was definitely Quincy Crew. They managed to get to the grand finals without a match lost. 8 wins, 1 draw in the group stage and 2 straight wins in the playoffs to make it to the grand finals. If we compare that to Team Zero’s 3 wins from the group stage, the connotation is very clear. Does that mean that Quincy Crew American reign has come to an end? We will see, but they’ve definitely got additional competition for the future.

The biggest fail for me were catJAMMERS. The ex CR4ZY squad didn’t do very well and they were the biggest disappointment. From the top 3 teams in America, they’ve managed to get themselves to the bottom. 6th place in the group rankings, and 0-2 loss vs Infamous in the lower bracket round 1. I definitely expected more from them in this tournament.

summit win america

DOTA Summit 13 EU/CIS Winners:

The EU/CIS tournament was run from October 2nd to November 8th. Ending on the same day as the Americas and SEA tournaments, the EU/CIS tournament featured the lowest prizepool, only $50,000. 10 teams were fighting for the championship and for the big prize. 8 teams were invited and 2 teams came out of the open qualifiers.

After almost 1 month of matches, we finally have DOTA Summit EU/CIS Season 13 winner. It’s The young European squad managed to beat favourites Team Liquid in the awesome 4 map finals to crown themselves new DOTA Summit EU champions. It’s the 6th 1st place for them in 2020. From tier 3 tournaments to tier 1 tournaments, they have it all. Some more interesting information is that this is their 2nd title in less than 2 months. On the last day of September they won BTS Pro Series Season 3: Europe/CIS. Now, less than 2 months after that title, they’ve won another big title and a $21,000 cash prize.

The best bet was Team Liquid to take this trophy. After their 1st place at ESL One Germany 2020 a few weeks ago, they were undisputed favourites to take this one too. They were invited directly to the playoffs, but they didn’t look like a team from ESL One Germany. They were struggling in all their matches. 2-1 vs brame in the quarter finals and 2-1 vs Yellow Submarine in the semifinals brought them to grand finals. On the other side of the bracket, took down Live to Win 2-1 and Ninjas in Pyjamas 2-0 to reach the grand finals. Even though they opened their grand final series with a map 1 loss, came back to the series with 3 straight map wins. They exploited Liquid’s bad performance and took home the trophy. Well deserved.

The biggest disappointment of the tournament was surely the performance of 5men. The very skilled and strong Nordic squad didn’t manage to win a single series in their group. Even an underdog Brame took a series off them. I expected that 5men can reach at least playoffs, and then anything can happen. They are a very skilled and strong squad on the paper, but sadly they are not delivering. I’m afraid that this can be the end of their current lineup.

summit win eu

DOTA Summit 13 SEA Winners: Motivate.Trust Gaming

DOTA Summit 13 SEA was the shortest Summit of all three. It started on October 21st and ended on November 8th. It featured 10 teams too, but with the same prize pool as America had, $100,000. I do think that the SEA region had the most competitive tournament of all three. So many teams were high on the list of the potential winners that it was crazy. From 10 teams, let’s say that 6 teams were competitive enough to be able to take the Summit SEA championship.

In the end, Motivate.Trust Gaming took the win and a $42,000 prize. They are the newest DOTA Summit SEA region champions. It’s their 2nd tier 2 tournament victory in less than 2 months. Same as the from the EU region, Motivate.Trust Gaming managed to take the win in the BTS Pro Series Season 3: Southeast Asia in September. And now DOTA Summit 13 SEA trophy. They are the one of the hottest squads in the SEA region right now.

Let’s just say that before the tournament, TNC Predator or BOOM Esports were the biggest candidates for the title, but sadly for them, they didn’t make it. BOOM didn’t even finish in the top 4 of the group rankings. Instead of them, Among Us, a mixed stack of SEA Dota 2 players from different teams managed to take 4th place in the group. They were the biggest underdog of the tournament too as they’ve reached the grand finals against all odds. However, Motivate.Trust was the dominant team in the playoffs losing only 1 map on their way to the title. 3-0 in the grand finals looks pretty dominant right.

summit win sea

The biggest disappointment of the SEA region was definitely 496 Gaming for me. From the OMEGA League: Asia Divine Division champions in the late August, to the no results in all upcoming tournaments. 7th place in the group rankings for them brought them to the lower bracket round 1 where they failed to perform by losing 0-2 to Neon Esports. Very scrapy performance from them. We did expect more for them. The biggest surprise was Among Us. I hope that those players can stick up together, they can be a really competitive team in the SEA region in the future.


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