Dota 2 (OGA Dota Pit EU/CIS) Daily Betting Tips - December 17th

Dota Pit EU/CIS Day 3 and BTS Pro Series EU/CIS Day 2 will mark our picks and predictions this Thursday.

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17th Dec, 20·☕️ 3 min read

This Dota week is moving on. Here are some of my picks and bets for today.

*New big Dota 2 patch is coming out today, so be careful with your bets and picks. Dota 2 meta will change.

OGA Dota Pit EU/CIS: Team Nigma vs Mudgolems

Team Nigma @ 1.41

One interesting fact here is that Nigma has never won against Mudgolems. They’ve played 2 times, and Mudgolems beat Nigma both times. Nigma played a very close match vs OG yesterday, barely losing with a close 1-2, while Mudgolems beat Live to Win with the same score, 2-1. Mudgolems with with new player Supreme on position 2 are actually looking very good. However, Nigma played amazing matches vs OG and they should be on a higher level compared to Mudgolems currently. If w33 doesn’t mess up, I expect them to win.

OGA Dota Pit EU/CIS: Natus Vincere vs OG

OG @ 1.45

NaVi and OG will play in the upper bracket finals of this event. Both teams have 2 wins behind them and are now playing for the spot in the grand finals. NaVi played an amazing series vs Alliance yesterday in round 2 of the event. Except that they have a win vs Live to Win too. On the other side OG had a much harder schedule as they needed to face Virtus.Pro in the round 1 and Nigma in the round 2. They’ve won vs both teams as they showed really solid performance with their standin player iLTW, who joined them for this tournament instead of MidOne. Even though I expect that NaVi can make a mess in this matchup, I do believe OG are slightly favoured here. Beating Virtus.Pro, currently the best team in the EU surely must mean something.

BTS Pro Series EU/CIS: Live to Win vs Brame

Live to Win @ 1.31

Live to Win dominated vs Cascade in the opening match of this tournament. Easy 2-0 and they’ve made themselves the favourites in phase two. These two teams never faced each other and even if Brame had a surprising win vs Spider Pigz in the round 1 of the same tournament, I highly doubt that they can win vs a solid Live to Win. Yes, Live to Win lost their match vs Mudgolems in Dota Pit, but Mudgolems are a much stronger team compared to Brame. With a good draft, this should be another win for Live to Win in this tournament and a qualification for the phase three.

BTS Pro Series EU/CIS: Cascade vs Spider Pigz

Spider Pigz @ 1.32

Cascade are definitely the weakest team in the tournament and they will most likely end in the last place in this phase two of the tournament. 0-2 vs Live to Win in round 1 and I expect the same score in this series vs Spider Pigz too. Everything except Spider Pigz victory here would be a real surprise. Spider Pigz surprisingly lost to Brame, but I don’t think that they will afford such bad play in this match too. It would mean they are out of the tournament and they deserve to play another deciding match here, they deserve another chance for the shot for next stage. Spider Pigz ML bet here is a good way to go, except if you want a higher risk / higher reward combo, then Spider Pigz -1.5 is a pick for you.


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