Dota 2 (OGA Dota Pit EU/CIS) Daily Betting Tips - December 16th

It’s time for another day of OGA Dota Pit and the first day of BTS Pro Series EU/CIS tournament.

rand 1919
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16th Dec, 20·☕️ 3 min read

Let’s focus on a few matches from each tournament and try to cover them. Here is my analysis and my best picks for Wednesday matches.

OGA Dota Pit EU/CIS: Natus Vincere vs Alliance

Natus Vincere @ 1.68

Some hard core, oldschool Dota 2 fans would say that this is Dota 2 El Clasico. But to be honest, this is far away from the old El Clasico we used to watch in those first years. Alliance vs Natus Vincere is obviously one of the most iconic matchups in Dota 2 history. However, different lineups, different times and lack of result made those two teams away from the champion spotlight. Now, let’s get back to reality. NaVi played Alliance only once with this new lineup, and that was their EPIC League Division 1 match. NaVi was much stronger in that series, taking it 2-0. If we look at match history, we can see that Alliance have 5 wins from their last 5 matches. However, that is not the caliber of teams that NaVi played in Division 1.

In their first match in this league, NaVi beat Live to Win with 2-0, and Alliance won against Mudgolems with the same result. NaVi has had too much experience playing teams like Secret, and OG in the last days, so I believe on that terms they should be much more prepared for Alliance that is not in great form. At least not in the form to be able to compete with the best in the EU right now. I do think NaVi are slight favourites here, and if their draft clicks, they have a high chance of taking this series.

OGA Dota Pit EU/CIS: Live to Win vs Mudgolems

Live to Win @ 2.19

CIS squad Live to Win will face off EU mix Mudgolems in the lower bracket round 1 of this tournament. In their two matches where they’ve faced each other, Mudgolems have come out ahead both times. Two 2-1 victories over Live to Win made them slight favourites in this series. But, Mudgolems recently lost a player (BoraNija), and without him they fell into abyss. 5 losses in their last 5 matches brought them to the edge. Live to Win have some wins vs teams like Gambit and Just Error. Their first match was a loss vs NaVi, but let’s say they’ve played decently. Sadly, they are still not on the level to face teams like NaVi. However, Mudgolems should be an opponent for their level, and I do believe Live to Win are a much better squad than Mudgolems currently. Without the best player and demoralized after so many losses, Mudgolems are not looking good and I do believe Live to Win will eliminate them from this tournament.

BTS Pro Series EU/CIS: Brame vs Spider Pigz

Spider Pigz @ 1.52

We haven’t heard from Brame for quite some time. Since the 5men era, for more than a month. While Spider Pigz are on the Dota 2 map, they are not a team to be competing for the top. They are doing their work and doing work within tier 2 teams. However, this time I do think that they should be able to cope with Brame quite easily. They are on the level where they can beat Chicken Fighters (ex Ninjas in Pyjamas), Empire or even play good matches vs Liquid and Alliance. Yes, Spider Pigz are one of the weakest teams in this competition, but they surely can beat Brame, a squad that we haven’t seen a lot. My bet is Spider Pigz ML with a decent odds and a nice return.


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