Dota 2 (EPIC League) Daily Betting Tips - November 26th

After 3 days of covering Division 2 of EPIC League, today it’s time to switch to Division 1 of the same league.

rand 1919
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26th Nov, 20·☕️ 4 min read

Today we are switching to the hottest Dota 2 league in Europe. The best teams in Europe and CIS region are competing for the $500,000 prize pool. We have 3 amazing matches scheduled for Thursday. Let’s check them out.

EPIC League Division 1: Alliance vs Mudgolems

Alliance @ 2.24

This is the first Division 1 match this week. Those two teams never faced each other in a Dota 2 series. However, both teams are in terrible form. Alliance have only 1 win out of 5 matches in this league, while Mudgolems have 2 wins out of 5 matches. A little better win-loss score, but they are on a big downfall too. What a surprise it was when Alliance beat with 2-0, the team that was unbeaten until that moment. After 4 losses, 1 win, who would have thought that. On the other side, Mudgolems were one of the hottest teams in Europe last weeks. After finishing on top places in some very high caliber tournament, they are looking very bad for now in this one. Losses vs Secret, VirtusPro and made us question them. However, with good games vs Nigma and Just Error they’ve brought themselves a status of a favourite in this match. I do think they are favourites, but Alliance will have their chances too. 3 maps are highly possible here, but I’m going with a real value here and Alliance ML is my pick. Alliance with NikoBaby on board surely has a chance for triumph. Quality is there, hopefully they will wake up from their bad series.

EPIC League Division 1: Virtus.Pro vs

Virtus.Pro @ 1.44 are recent BTS Pro Series Season 3: Europe/CIS and DOTA Summit 13 Online: Europe & CIS champions and currently they are one of the best squads in the European region. We will watch a special match here, since this will be the battle for 1st place in the rankings. VirtusPro are the only undefeated team in the division 1 currently, while are just behind them on a 2nd place with 4 wins and 1 loss. VirtusPro has an amazing map win-loss ratio. With 8 maps won and 1 loss, they’ve crushed all their enemies. OG, Nigma, Mudgolems, Just Error, all have fallen to this young squad. On the other side, had a perfect 4-0 run in the groups before Alliance came and beat them 2-0. It was really a bad performance for’s in that match, it was really disappointing to watch that. I must pick VirtusPro here, they showed amazing strength and team play. I do think they have a decent chance to take this series. 60-40 for VP if you ask me.

EPIC League Division 1: Team Secret vs OG

Team Secret @ 1.29

I just must pick Team Secret here. Even though they were in bad form in their last 2 tournaments, and they didn’t continue their tournament winning streak, they are still the top team in Europe here. It’s interesting to mention that OG never beat Team Secret in the last 2 to 3 months. Secret always came on top vs OG. Secret are 3-1 in the rankings, OG are 2-3 and that wins and losses really show in which state are those two teams. OG is just lost, they still didn’t manage to find their pace, and they are struggling in drafts in game. Let me finally say it - they are not the team they used to be before. There are very little signs of 2x The International champions here, and I think it’s just a matter of time when they will need to do some lineup changes. Secret is playing decently, even though we are used to a much higher level of play in front of them. But, consistency comes with a price, and did show all the flaws Secret has currently. 0-2 vs in the round 2 of this division brought Secret back to mortality. OG might take a map here, but that’s the maximum that they can do in my opinion.


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