Dota 2 (EPIC League) Daily Betting Tips - November 25th

Dota 2 EPIC League division 2 is moving on with another match day

rand 1919
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25th Nov, 20·☕️ 3 min read

We will watch 3 amazing matches today. With Yellow Submarine almost securing their 1st place in the division, a lot of other teams are chasing their playoff spot. Here are my Wednesday picks and predictions.

EPIC League Division 2: Team Empire vs Yellow Submarine

Yellow Submarine @ 1.15

Yellow Submarine are the top placed league in this division currently. They are looking like the best Dota 2 squad in the Division 2 too. They are still unbeatable, and with 6 wins out of 6 matches they are looking unstoppable. Out of 13 maps played, they lost only 1 map which is pretty impressive when we see all the teams they played. Yesterday, they won vs Winstrike easily and they continued their win streak. Empire is not a team currently that can beat Yellow Submarine. With 3 wins and 3 losses, Empire are struggling to get into the upper half of the rankings. Yes, they did beat a solid Winstrike team too, but I don’t think they can do anything vs Yellow Submarine. Their today’s opponents are just too good for now. This should be a clean victory for Yellow Submarine.

EPIC League Division 2: Nemiga vs Live to Win

Live to Win @ 1.15

Another match with a heavily favoured team to win. Live to Win are undoubtedly one of the best teams in this league. Even though they played with dream instead of iLTW yesterday as a stand-in, they’ve managed to beat Gambit in a pretty impressive fashion. We still don’t have any info if they will play in a full 5 man lineup or 4 + dream as stand-in, but in both cases they should be able to beat Nemiga. This will be the first match between those two teams. And since Live to Win is a new squad, I don’t think Nemiga will be prepared for them. Live to Win are dominating in the division with 4 wins out of 5 matches. They’ve lost only to Yellow Submarine. On the other side, Nemiga is the last team in the division. With 2 wins out of 6 matches, they are holding last place, not including 5men that dropped out of the league because of a disband. Nemiga are surely one of the weakest teams in the division, and Live to Win should have an easy task at taking this series home.

EPIC League Division 2: Gambit vs Spider Pigz

Gambit @ 1.70

This can potentially be a very close series. Gambit are currently 3-1 in this league with 1 free win included, while Spider Pigz are 3-2 with 1 free win vs 5men included. Gambit are not so big favourites here, and I do think this match can easily go to all 3 maps. 1-2 or 2-1 is highly possible for any of those teams. However, when watching Gambit’s recent performance, I do think they are slight favourites here. Gambit ML bet should be a really good one. Odds are amazing for the winner overall. Both teams have a win over Winstrike. Gambit has a win vs NiP too, while Spider Pigz won vs Empire, but lost to NiP. So much back and forth.


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