Dota 2 (EPIC League) Daily Betting Tips - November 23rd

Three matches will be played on Monday in EPIC League Division 2

rand 1919
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23rd Nov, 20·☕️ 3 min read

The northern team 5men has disbanded, and now we are looking at only 9 teams fighting it out. The situation is getting pretty clear on the top of the division rankings, but a hard battle is still going on in the middle of the table. Let’s check out the upcoming matches.

EPIC League Division 2: Team Empire vs Winstrike

Winstrike @ 1.41

This is a CIS tier 2 clash. Two tier 2 teams, Empire and Winstrike are on the same level currently. However, Winstrike is doing a little bit better. With 4 wins and 3 losses they are holding a high 3rd place in the rankings currently. From their best results in this league let’s just mention 2-0 vs Ninjas in Pyjamas, and two close 1-2 series vs Live to Win and Gambit. They showed some good games and maps, and I’m positive that they can beat the weaker Empire. Empire is in the bottom part of the table with 2 wins and 3 losses. This year, these two teams haven’t played any official matches together. Winstrike are obviously in a much better form now, and they are favourites to take this series. Decent odds, good bet on Winstrike ML. Winstrike wants to stay top 4 for sure. This win is a priority for them.

EPIC League Division 2: Ninjas in Pyjamas vs Gambit

Ninjas in Pyjamas @ 1.76

Ninjas are not looking good to be honest. From a really good squad with a lot of potential, they’ve dropped to a mediocre rank. They are struggling, and their current future doesn’t look bright. In the few matches, they’ve even played with 1 or 2 standins. I still don’t have any info on what their lineup will be today, so let’s be careful about this match and bet. They are currently 4-2 in this division as they’ve managed to take some wins vs the weakest teams in the division like Cyberium, Nemiga and Empire. On the other side, Gambit has a 2-1 win vs Winstrike, the same team that beat NiP with a strong 2-0 score. That may mean something. NiP are slight favourites here, even though their recent games haven’t looked good. I believe they have the strength to bounce back and perform here. Gambit may be a really good up and coming squad here, we will have more info about them at the end of the group stage, as they are still a new squad.

EPIC League Division 2: Spider Pigz vs Live to Win

Live to Win @ 1.71

The roster of Tempo Esports left the organization on November 16th and they are now playing as Spider Pigzs. They are high in the rankings with 2 straight wins and 1 free win vs the disbanded 5men. They have super impressive wins vs Empire and Winstrike. However, now they need to face a team that is equal to them. This will be a really hard close match, but I’m giving slightly more chance to Live to Win. Really good, young CIS Dota 2 squad with a great potential. They have a 2-1 win vs Winstrike and 0-2 loss vs Yellow Submarine, but Submarines are the best team here in the end, so that was kinda expected. iLTW, fn and AfterLife can surely carry Live to Win to this win. This may go to all 3 maps, but I believe Live to Win has a better chance to take this series. Could be a really close match, but my pick here is Live to Win. This will be the first clash between those two teams.


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