Dota 2 (EPIC League) Daily Betting Tips - December 10th

This week will mark the end of the EPIC League, both Division 1 and Division 2.

rand 1919
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10th Dec, 20·☕️ 4 min read

We will find out the winners of both divisions. Thursday is day for the lower bracket in both divisions. Let’s analyze the most interesting matches. Let’s make some betting picks.

EPIC League Division 2: Spider Pigz vs Chicken Fighters

Chicken Fighters @ 1.67

Please say welcome to Chicken Fighters. Ex Ninjas in Pyjamas squad will continue their road under their old team name. Spider Pigz are on a 2 match losing streak in the competition. They lost to Gambit in the winners bracket round 1 with a close 1-2 result. However, they finished in 3rd place in the group stage and that should mean something, right? Actually, Chicken Fighters ended up beneath them in the group stage rankings, but are slight favourites coming into this match. How is that possible? Chicken Fighters (ex NiP) crushed Spider Pigz with a 2-0 in the group stage and they beat Mudgolems 2-1 in round 1 of the lower bracket. Mudgolems, that were until recently one of the up and coming EU squads. Of course, this can go to all 3 maps, but I’m predicting that Chickens will take the series in the end, like they did in the group stage too.

EPIC League Division 2: Just Error vs Alliance

Over 2.5 @ 1.93

Alliance and Just Error were two of the worst teams in the Division 1 group stage. With 2 wins and 7 losses they didn’t manage to go to the playoffs. Instead, they are continuing their road in the Division 2 playoffs. In the last 2 weeks those two teams faced each other 2 times, once in a best of 3 series and another time in the best of 1 series. Just Error won both of them, 2-1 and 1-0. They did just replace Sumail with Resolution, another player from CIS, and now they are a fully CIS squad. How that will affect their play is yet to be seen. What we saw yesterday in their match vs Live to Win was not good. They were crushed 0-2 again. Alliance had a 2-0 win vs Winstrike in the lower bracket of Division 2, but that was just an easy match for them. Winstrike is not a team that could compete with such teams like Alliance. Even though Alliance is in very bad form and shape I do believe they can surprise today or even make it a very close series. This match has a high potential of going into 3 maps. However, predicting the winner here is very hard, but if I must do it, I would go with Just Error. Otherwise, Over 2.5 is my pick here.

EPIC League Division 1: Team Liquid vs Team Secret

Team Secret @ 1.55

Both Liquid and Secret ended up Division 1 group stage play with 5 wins and 4 losses. Their performance wasn’t impeccable. And this is Secret’s 2nd tournament in a row where they are not the old Secret we used to know. Personally I do think that they’ve come to the point of over saturation. Winning 7 tournaments in a row does do good, but it does very bad things to your mental side. You lose motivation, you lose will to play, you earned everything you could this year. However, in this state Secret was still too strong for Liquid in the group stage. They beat them 2-0 easily I would say and they have a high chance of doing that again now. Liquid beat Nigma with 2-1 in the lower bracket, while Secret was demolished by Virtus.Pro in the upper bracket. No matter what, I’m picking Secret too. I think there is still too much quality in them to be able to lose 2 important matches in a row. Let me remind you, if they lose this, they are out of the tournament.


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