Dota 2 (Dota Summit) Daily Betting Tips - November 2nd

DOTA Summit Online EU/CIS is just starting and we are here to follow this tournament and it’s matches and teams. Day 1 will bring us some exciting clashes.

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2nd Nov, 2020·☕️ 3 min read

DOTA Summit EU/CIS: Mudgolems vs Brame

Mudgolems -1.5 @ 1.38

Mudgolems have been one of the most exciting Dota 2 teams to watch in the recent days. One of the biggest underdogs in Europe, this Dota 2 stack managed to win 3rd place in the recently ended ESL One Germany 2020. Really impressive result from them, as I do still think they are a big question mark for all other European teams. Their recent wins vs Team Secret, Natus Vincere and Team Liquid can really prove a point. On the other side we have newly formed Dota 2 stack called Brame with some well known Greek players. Strong names, but they have only 1 official match until now. I’m not sure they can cope with strong Mudgolems. Until I see more of them, I must go handicap on Mudgolems here. 2-0 is highly possible.

DOTA Summit EU/CIS: HellRaisers vs Live to Win

Live to Win @ 1.56

Even though HellRaisers are really decent CIS team, they did some roster changes recently. They are far away from their “end of the 2019 - beginning of the 2020” form. Live to Win is recently formed Dota 2 team with some really strong CIS names like iLTW, fn, AfterLife and SoNNeikO. Ex NaVi and VirtusPro players playing together in the same team look terrifying. Even thought this will be their first official match, somehow I do believe they can perform well. When I watched some of those players in their previous teams, they were high caliber players able to face off HellRaisers for sure. This is a very risky bet, but somehow I want them to win.

DOTA Summit EU/CIS: 5men vs Khan

5men @ 1.29

This should be a very interesting match. 5men are one of my favourite Dota 2 teams in Europe without an organization. They have very strong names and high potential, even if I do think some of them are very washed up players. But with the right time and the right team, you never know when they can shine. Khan is strong tier 2 CIS squad. In their recent matches they’ve even managed to take a map of, Mudgolems and take a series of HellRaisers. However, in their last performance vs 5men in the BTS Pro Series Season 3, they were crushed by 5men 2-0. I do believe 5men are big favourites here too, and they will make a debut in their group B with a win.

DOTA Summit EU/CIS: Ninjas in Pyjamas vs Yellow Submarine

Ninjas in Pyjamas @ 1.72

None of those two teams managed to pass the group stage in the recent ESL One Germany 2020. However, Yellow Submarine had some amazing games. Let me mention their 2-0 win vs Team Nigma or the close 1-2 series vs Natus Vincere. Yes, they’ve even beat NiP in a close 2-1 series. So that’s an advantage for them. But I do think NiP is a team with higher quality overall. Maybe they aren’t the best team in Europe, but they can surely give a headache to other top EU/CIS squads. I do think that NiP will take the series here, as they are my favourites for this match.


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