Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - January 20th

Today we will follow 1 EU, 1 SA and 2 SEA matches

rand 1919
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20th Jan, 21·☕️ 4 min read

South American and SEA regions are just starting up and today we will watch first matches being played in those regions. Here are my picks and predictions for today.

DreamLeague Season 14 DPC EU: Alliance vs Team Nigma

Team Nigma @ 1.52

This will be the only series in the EU’s upper division today. Alliance did never beat Team Nigma in the last months. And they’ve played a few times. After having a disastrous 2020, Team Nigma managed to get back in form at the end of the year. With Kuroky coming back to their lineup, they’ve started to play decently again, even if they were far away from the most dominant teams in those months. I believe both those teams have flaws. Alliance’s flaw is that NiKoBaby is the strongest player in the team and he is 2 levels above everyone else, which means he is the most common player to carry all the team on his back. Same on Nigma with Miracle, but a big plus for them is that they have one of the best captains in the world, Kuroky. W33 can be a problem sometimes with his weird and inconsistent plays, however overall they should be able to take Alliance down. They are a better team. But let’s be careful here, the new season just started, we will see in which form teams are.

DPC 2021: Season 1 - SEA Upper Division: Fnatic vs T1

Fnatic @ 1.70

Fnatic had an almost perfect first part of 2020. Winning a few tournaments on the way, they failed to perform like that at the end of the year. Few lineup changes happened, and they were at the beginning. With players like Raven, Moon and DJ they should be able to be one of the most competitive teams in the SEA region, but competition is big. T1 went through lineup changes too, but they’ve managed to take Fnatic down in their last series 1 month ago. However, a new patch, new season can bring changes potentially. On paper, I do think Fnatic is a better team. We just need to see in what form players are. This can potentially be a very close series, but I’ve decided to go with Fnatic. 60-40 for them, if you ask me.

DPC 2021: Season 1 - SEA Upper Division: BOOM vs Neon

Over 2.5 @ 1.92

Four 2nd places for BOOM in 2020. One 3rd place. Speaking about big online tournaments that was it. Not a bad performance overall. They’ve made only one change in their lineup, so the core of their roster is still the same. On the other side Neon impressed me with their plays in the qualifiers for this upper division. Neon are on a nice win streak and they played a lot more official matches in this new season compared to BOOM’s 0. That’s why I’ve decided to go with 3 maps here. It will be a very close series and even if BOOM are sportsbooks favourites, I do think Neon can take this too if they’ll get lucky. Over 2.5 is a really good bet in this case.

OGA DPC South America Upper Division: beastcoast vs Egoboys

Beastcoast @ 1.22

This match is a no brainer for me. Thunder Predator, Infamous and beastcoast are surely the favourites for this region. Beastcoast being one of them is expected to go really far here. Truth to be told, beastcoast always had problems vs Egoboys in their past. In their last 2matches, Beastcoast didn’t win a single map. However, Egoboys didn’t show any mesmerizing performance in the qualifiers for this upper division. Nothing special at all and for that reason I do believe this should be a beastcoast win today.


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