Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - February 2nd

Today, we are following Chinese and European regions and it’s DPC divisions.

rand 1919
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2nd Feb, 21·☕️ 4 min read

These two regions are one of the hottest and one of the strongest regions for sure with daily matches where top worlds teams battle it out. Here are my picks and predictions for today’s 5 matches.

DPC 2021 China Upper Division: EHOME vs Aster

Aster @ 1.30

Aster is most probably, one of three strongest Chinese teams currently. With their recent wins vs Elephant and PSG.LGD they have proven that for sure. In this league they have 2 clean wins and they are looking for a top finish. However, EHOME is not a bad team and they could possibly make some problems for Aster. EHOME beat Vici and RNG recently and took maps off Invictus and Elephant, and they could possibly do it to Aster. However, if we speak about overall match winners, I’m on Aster’s side.

DPC 2021 China Upper Division: Vici Gaming vs Invictus Gaming

Invictus Gaming +1.5 @ 1.55

Invictus Gaming did rise up like a phoenix this year. They had a very bad end of the last year, but this year they’ve started on a good note. 4 wins in a row and they are ready to battle Vici today on an equal terms. I do think this will be a very close match potentially where Invictus will have their chance for sure. Vici are match favourites overall, but I do think Invictus +1.5 handicap is a good bet in this case. Odds should be slightly higher then on Vici Gaming ML.

DreamLeague DPC EU Lower Division: Brame vs Creepwave

Creepwave @ 1.25

This should be a no brainer. Brame lost to Creepwave with a clean 0-2 just 6 days ago. And that should be an alarm for them. From their last 5 matches, they have only 2 wins. On the other side Creepwave managed to get 4 straight wins before losing to Imperial Pro Gaming with a close 1-2 for the end of their streak. Creepwave are holding 2nd place in the division currently and they are one of the nicest surprises in this division. Positive of course. In this state of Dota 2 and so early in the season, it can happen that Brame surprises us with a map, but overall Creepwave showed 2 levels higher Dota plays then their opponents.

DreamLeague DPC EU Upper Division: High Coast Esports vs Alliance

Alliance @ 1.27

High Coast Esports as ex Chicken Fighters squad did disappoint for sure. Start of their journey is looking really tough. 3 matches, 3 losses even though they faced really strong opponents like Liquid and OG. Alliance is rising in form again, after a very bad end of the last season. With a NikoBaby caliber of player, they can run the wheel in this game for sure. They are better on all fields, and with their strong showings vs OG, Mudgolems (now Tundra Esports) and Nigma they are really looking to take another victory in this match. Potential of 2-0 is decent here, but I suggest you play safe here and go for a bigger unit bet.

DreamLeague DPC EU Upper Division: Team Liquid vs Tundra Esports

Team Liquid @ 1.26

Liquid are currently holding 3rd place in division. With 2 wins and 1 loss they are really looking good. Their big advantage is that they are playing from a professional training facility that Team Liquid is providing. That is seen in their communication and team play for sure, and that is a big factor in games such as Dota 2. Tundra really surprised me in the last few days. Since Mudgolems became Tundra, they’ve played 2 matches. A close 1-2 loss vs OG and a clean 2-0 win over High Coast Esports made them really competitive. Skiter is playing really well on position 1 and I do believe they can do good in the future. It’s just a question if Liquid will allow them. Another safe bet for me, as Liquid ML is a good way to go. No shenanigans.


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