Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - February 18th

Today we are following 3 regions in the DPC system. SEA and CIS for start of the day, and NA for the end of this exciting day.

rand 1919
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18th Feb, 21·☕️ 4 min read

ESL One CIS Online Lower Division: XactJlepbI vs Gambit 2

Gambit 2 @ 1.20

Gambit 2 is the new academy team of Gambit. Being recently downgraded from 1st to 2nd squad, youngsters are looking to prove themselves again in this very competitive division. XactJlepbI are on a 4 match losing streak, and they are looking really bad currently, even though they have some really nice names in their roster. Gambit 2 is a decent Dota 2 roster and with 3 wins and 2 losses they still have a chance to grab the top of the rankings. Their match vs HellRaisers was sensational. 2-0 clean victory. Hopefully they can repeat that play in this series too. Handicaps are too risky here, 3 maps are possible, I wouldn’t gamble. Pure luck. Big bet on Gambit ML.

DPC 2021 Southeast Asia Upper Division: Neon vs Fnatic

Fnatic @ 1.68

Neon Esports are the biggest surprise of the SEA region. Coming from the closed qualifiers, they joined this upper division as big underdogs. And they really prove that they can fight big teams. 5-0 until now. 10-3 in maps. Really impressive results. Their wins vs TNC and BOOM were amazing. Is it possible that they are the strongest team in the SEA currently? Somehow I doubt that, and just analysing one tournament we can’t know. If they beat Fnatic today they will be a step closer to that title, but this will be a really tough one for them. Fnatic are 4-1 and they are looking to overtake 1st position. I do think they will be able to do it, amazing odds on Fnatic ML.

ESL One CIS Online Lower Division: VP.Prodigy vs Imperial Pro Gaming

Imperial Pro Gaming @ 1.61

This is a really risky one. Why? Imperial Pro Gaming roster departed the organization, but decided to finish the tournament under the old tag. This can mean the lack of support, the lack of good will to play well and to try hard, the lack of motivation. So let’s be careful in this series. VP.Prodigy has 1 win, 4 losses, while IPG have 2 wins and 3 losses. Even though IPG had some pretty good matches, VP.Prodigy is very dangerous. They’ve taken maps off HellRaisers, Winstrike and PuckChamp. So they have the firepower that’s for sure. This is a high risk match, so go small. My suggestion is Imperial Pro Gaming ML.

ESL One CIS Online Upper Division: EXTREMUM vs Team Empire


Oh man, the CIS region is so hard to predict sometimes. Those teams, their forms and their matches are not giving you much time to think. So much stuff is going on, and teams are changing so fast on the throne. I have a feeling that everybody can beat everybody in some cases. EXTREMUM are one of the squads that have good, quality players, a squad that can do really well, but sometimes they fail to deliver. They have 2 wins and 3 losses, while Empire has only 1 win out of 5 matches. However, Empire’s only win was a strong performance vs Team Spirit, 2-1. EXTREMUM are my favourites here, odds are kinda low for that kind of match, but we can’t help it. I would say this is a 60-40 match in favour of EXTREMUM.

DPC 2021 North America Upper Division: Quincy Crew vs Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses @ 1.81

This is “El Clasico” of North American Dota currently. Two best teams in the region battling it out. Finally. Quincy Crew won everything in the last season and they were a far better team then EG was, on all fields. However, this is a new season, EG changed their lineup slightly, and they are ready to take their throne back. EG are 5-0 in the division, Quincy Crew have a 100% win rate too, but with 1 match less. This is a high stake match, because the winner of this series will most probably win the North American upper division and qualify for the Major Playoffs. All teams will give their best, and I do believe this time EG will celebrate. Quality is on their side, I’m just concerned about their team play. 3 maps are highly possible here.


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