Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - April 12th

New week, and we are following the finals stage of the Dota 2 Champions League 2021 Season 1. Four teams remain, so we will check out and analyse semi final matches today.

rand 1919
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11th Apr, 21·☕️ 3 min read

Champions League 2021 Season 1: Brame vs @ 1.30

First semifinal match was between Greek squad Brame and well known Vikings. has bever lost to Brame, and they played twice. Last time the series went to all 3 maps, but was stronger. That match was less than 1 month ago, in March. Brame are on fire, 5 match winning streak, perfect record, without a map lost. They are entering their series vs with a five 2-0 series in a row. They still didn’t lose a single map in this tournament. Brame crushed HellRaisers in the quarter finals of the playoffs, while crushed Team Empire with a 2-0. That was’s first match in a while. They haven’t played a series since March 21st. I do believe are heavy favourites and they should be a better squad in the end. For me, it’s too risky to go with -1.5 handicap on or +1.5 handicap on Brame, since it’s 50-50. The best would be to go ML big bet, that should work out.

Champions League 2021 Season 1: Team Spirit vs High Coast Esports

Team Spirit @ 1.40

Almost exactly 1 month ago, those teams faced each other for the first time. It was EPIC League and Spirit crushed High Coast Esports with 2-0. I do believe they will repeat it this time too. Score is kinda irrelevant here, because Team Spirit ML should be the good bet here. Odds are kinda low, but still decent for a ML bet. Spirit are really rising as new up and coming squad from the CIS region, while High Coast Esports are always an average. Their performance can and did vary a lot in the last weeks or months. However, I don’t believe they are on the level they should be on vs Team Spirit. Even though they had an amazing series win vs Ghost Frogs (2-0), this is a team few steps above them now and it will be really hard for them. Spirit showed what they can do in their 2-0 series vs Unique and it was a scary performance. Spirit should win this series dominantly I guess.


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