Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - January 22nd

We are ending this working week with amazing matches from the DPC series.

rand 1919
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22nd Jan, 21·☕️ 4 min read

This time I’ll analyze 3 CIS matches and 1 South American match. Most of the teams are playing their first matches this season and the schedule is getting pretty crowded. Here are my picks and predictions for Friday.

ESL One CIS Online Lower Division: XactJlepbI vs B8

XactJlepbI @ 1.34

Neither of these teams have played any series yet. XactJlepbI is a newly made squad for this DPC season and it’s featuring some very interesting CIS names. Magical, Funn1k, KingR and NoFear are all well known names to all Dota 2 fans. This team looks incredible on the paper and I do think they are one of the underdogs in this lower division. Underdogs that can go all the way. Dendi’s new squad is not looking good. After recruiting 3 Brazilians, they’ve already lost without German player 5up. It will be interesting to see who will fill his spot. 0-2 vs NoTechies and 0-2 vs Extremum doesn’t look good for B8. This must be a win for XactJlepbI, I highly doubt B8 will do anything in this season either.

ESL One CIS Online Upper Division: Team Unique vs Natus Vincere

Natus Vincere -1.5 @ 1.34

This should be an easy pick for all bettors. NaVi are huge favourites in this series. As one of the best CIS squads, NaVi are looking to conquer CIS upper division. Compared to Unique, they are just on another level. Higher quality players, better team play and understanding of the game makes them heavy favourites here. Last year, Unique couldn’t beat NaVi in any series, and I do believe this year will be the same, at least when speaking about current lineups. NaVi -1.5 handicap is a good way to go as there is a high chance for a NaVi 2-0 result.

ESL One CIS Online Upper Division: NoTechies vs Live to Win

Live to Win @ 1.76

Actually both of those teams have decent lineups, but I am favouring Live to Win. I really like this team and since their formation in October, they are progressing slowly, but steadily. With an amazing carry players like fn and dream, they are surely looking to be one of the biggest underdogs of this division. They can definitely show good games and go far in this tournament, with a little bit of luck. NoTechies on the other side, since their creation they have 2 straight wins. 2-0 vs B8 and 2-0 vs Winstrike are decent results for the new squad. They look solid, but I do think Live to Win could be too strong for them potentially.

OGA DPC South America Upper Division: Infamous vs Thunder Predator

Thunder Predator @ 1.66

Thunder Predator is one of those squads that can take the 1st place in the South American Upper Division for sure. Very strong Peruvian squad that have some amazing results in that region. Their latest 1st place at BTS Pro Series Season 4: Americas made us all wonder how they could take that. Beating 4Zoomers in the grand finals made them really big favourites here. New patch is here, but still, they should go far in this competition. Interestingly enough, Predators played Infamous 3 times in the last 2 months or so, and all 3 times they’ve lost 0-2. Weird enough since Infamous didn’t take any bigger championship in 2020. This time, I do believe Predators are big favourites even though odds are not showing that. Average risk for a decent odds is a way to go.


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