Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - January 21st

ESL One Online with it’s CIS divisions will be the most active league on Thursday.

rand 1919
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21st Jan, 21·☕️ 3 min read

We are following 2 lower division matches and 1 upper division clash between two solid teams. Here are my picks and predictions for those matches.

ESL One CIS Online Lower Division: Winstrike vs Imperial Pro Gaming

Winstrike @ 1.78

This should be an easy match for Winstrike right? Well, why do we have so high odds on their win then. Well I think Imperial Pro Gaming has had a pretty nice series lately. They’ve taken a map off Spider Pigz and Brame. They’ve even faced Winstrike 3 months ago in the AOC Play playoffs, where they’ve lost with a close 1-2 result. Imperial has a completely unknown lineup, but a lineup that could surprise their opponents. On the other side Winstrike with player like DyrachYO looks like a decent tier 2 CIS squad. Yes, Winstrike has a lost vs NoPangolier in their last series, but I do think Imperial is out of their league a bit, and for those reasons I do think Winstrike has a high chance of taking this series. Amazing odds on ML bet.

ESL One CIS Online Lower Division: VP.Prodigy vs HellRaisers

HellRaisers @ 1.47

Let me remind you, that this is not an old VP.Prodigy squad. They have a completely new squad competing as VirtusPro academy or Prodigy in this case. 5 unknown players put together are set to make another splash on the scene like their old Prodigy squad. However, in their first series they need to take down decent HellRaisers. HellRaisers look so strong on paper, however their performance is not showing that. Well, at least not until now. With Cooman, Resolut1on and Vanskor they look like a really strong roster. However, they still don’t have it. They don’t have chemistry and team play to be able to show that in the game. All in all, this should be another no brainer. Experienced HellRaiser players vs unknown youngsters of VP. If HellRaisers don’t take this series, they will disappoint a lot of people.

ESL One CIS Online Upper Division: Extremum vs Team Spirit

Extremum +1.5 @ 2.16

I would go with Spirit here, but this is a new patch, new meta and teams are playing completely different. Spirit was strong at the end of the last year for sure. 3-0 vs and 2-1 vs Live to Win were their last matches in the last year. However, it will be interesting to see if they can continue that performance in this new patch. This will be their first official series on the new patch and in this year. On the other side, Extremum already played 5 matches this year. They have 4 wins and 1 loss which is a pretty respectable score. In the worst case scenario they can give Team Spirit a hell of a game. Yes, Spirit are big favourites here, but in terms of this being their first match this year and on a new patch, I must give a chance to Extremum. They showed they can take maps and series from similar level teams. On the other side, odds on their handicap are amazing. Reward is big for minimized risk here on a +1.5 handicap.


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