Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - February 12th

Another surprising day is behind us. Today we are focusing on CIS lower and upper divisions.

rand 1919
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12th Feb, 21·☕️ 3 min read

ESL One CIS Online Lower Division: Imperial Pro Gaming vs XactJlepbI

XactJlepbI @ 1.63

I somehow believe XactJlepbI will win this time too. 17 days ago, they were winners in their series vs Imperial Pro Gaming. Result was 2-0 for XactJlepbI and the tournament was the Snow Sweet Snow group stage. In this lower division both squads are in a very hard situation. With both teams stuck at the bottom of the rankings and only 1 win out of 4 matches, they are fighting for their lives. There is much more experience on the XactJlepbI’s side with Funn1k, Magical, KingR and NoFear and because of that I believe they will have a higher opportunity to take this win today. Overall, both teams have very low win rates with just around 35% overall.

ESL One CIS Online Upper Division: NoTechies vs EXTREMUM

NoTechies @ 1.52

This is such a hard decision. Picking winners in such match series is a very tough job. NoTechies has amazing carry players and a hell of a captain in terms of Solo. On the other hand, EXTREMUM played good matches against NoUndying and Spider Pigz. Both teams are knocked down to the bottom of the rankings, well at least for now. With 1 win and 3 losses both teams need this win as a crucial part of their task to stay in this upper division. EXTREMUM +1.5 handicap can be a good bet here too, so depending on the odds, make your choice. But in the end I believe more in the Solo lineup. They had an amazing 2-1 win vs Spirit, even if they blew up their success vs Spirit in their yesterday’s loss vs Unique.

ESL One CIS Online Upper Division: Team Empire vs Team Unique

Team Unique @ 1.88

I must praise Team Unique for what they’ve done yesterday vs NoTechies. They were really bad underdogs as NoTechies were like a no brainer bet and surely the winners of that series. However, they were crushed with 0-2 by Unique in an impressive performance from Unique’s side. Empire had a good run in the weeks before, but their run faded away, and their good form is fading away. That could be a chance for Unique to make it a double win in just 2 days. Both teams have 1 win and 3 losses and this will be another important fight for survival. I would say this is a pure 50-50 match, where both teams will have their chances. Odds are kinda even. My picks here is Unique on the basis that they demonstrated really nice Dota yesterday. Their team looks good on paper too. Can it be that they’ve just woken up and started to play?


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