Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - February 11th

Thursday is a new day for new Dota2 matches

rand 1919
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11th Feb, 21·☕️ 3 min read

Yesterday was an underdog day. EXTREMUM,, Hellbear Smashers were one of the heavy favourites in their series. All 3 teams lost and brought even more uncertainty in its DPC regional leagues.

ESL One CIS Online Lower Division: Winstrike vs HellRaisers

HellRaisers @ 1.75

Winstrike are owning their CIS lower division. With 4 straight wins, they are currently holding 1st place in the rankings. They are 8-3 in the maps, as they’ve dropped 3 maps in 3 different series in total. They look like the most rounded squad in the lower division. However, HellRaisers have such good names on paper, but they are not quite delivering yet. Yes, they have 3 wins and 1 loss, but all their wins were very close 2-1 series. They are even slight favourites here in this series, according to most sportsbooks. What does that mean? It means anything can happen. It’s an open match, and even though Winstrike are underdogs here, this could be an even match. Usually I would go with underdog in an even match, but somehow I believe HellRaisers just need time to wake up. With Resolut1on and Cooman on their roster, they must do better.

ESL One CIS Online Lower Division: Gambit vs B8

Gambit @ 1.30

1 month ago, B8 beat Gambit with a clean 2-0 result. However, Gambit is warming up now. With two big wins in a row vs Imperial Pro Gaming and HellRaisers, they are looking really hot going into the next round. B8 are struggling. Their Brazilian lineup + Dendi is not working and most probably, it won’t bring them too far in the bigger competitions. They are on a 3 match losing streak and they’ve even lost to VP.Prodigy, academy team of Virtus.Pro which was named one of the weakest teams in the division. With 1 win and 3 losses, B8 is on the edge of elimination from the group, as 7th and 8th placed teams are out. Gambit still has a chance, as with their 2 wins from 4 matches they are still competitive. Gambit is looking good and they are favourites to take this series.

ESL One CIS Online Upper Division: Team Unique vs NoTechies

NoTechies @ 1.27

Ex Virtus.Pro captain, Solo, is leading his new squad, NoTechies to victories. But they are not looking good. With 1 win and 2 losses they are holding 5th place in the rankings. On the other side, Team Unique is a stack with 4 Ukranian players + Palantimos from Belarus. Led by CemaTheSlayer, ex NaVi player. In 3 matches they’ve won just 1 map. 3 losses, 1-6 in maps. Pretty disastrous results for a decent squad on paper. With Crystallize on position 1 and Solo behind him, I do think they have a big chance of taking this series. Odds should be a bit bigger, since I don’t think they are such big favourites. However, their last 2-1 win vs Spirit gives them credentials to wear that title today. They looked good and surprised their opponents last time. This time it should be much easier. We will see if they will deliver.


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