Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips - April 14th

Day 1 of European DPC season 2 was very interesting. We are moving on, Day 2 is here and we will follow another 3 series today.

rand 1919
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14th Apr, 21·☕️ 3 min read

DreamLeague EU Lower Division: Hippomaniacs vs No Bounty Hunters

No Bounty Hunters @ 1.36

Let’s be careful here. Tier 3 EU squads battling it out. Hippos didn’t play any official matches for almost 2 months. On the other side No Bounty Hunters had some crazy series on in the recent days. They are 3-0 in April in the Positive Fire Games tournament. Not vs any stronger teams, but they are playing official competitive matches anyway, and that’s good. Hippos are one of the weakest teams in the lower division, and I do think No Bounty Hunters will celebrate their win today. Handicaps are very risky here, so No Bounty Hunters ML should do the trick here. Lower odds, but we will survive.

DreamLeague EU Upper Division: Team Liquid vs Alliance

Team Liquid @ 1.52

This is the match of the day for sure. Two amazing EU squads in their first series of the new DPC season. The only best of 3 that they’ve played this year vs each other went to Alliance favour. But since then, Liquid progressed and improved a lot. I do believe this will be their chance to prove once again that they are one of the best EU squads, together with Team Secret. I do think this can go to all 3 maps, but overall, Liquid could take this in the end. I do believe this is 60-40 in favour of Liquid and that’s the direction I’m aiming.

DreamLeague EU Lower Division: Ghost Frogs vs Creepwave

Ghost Frogs @ 1.23

This is a very tough match to bet on. Not sure in which direction can this go. Ghost Frogs have a decent squad, but it’s new and I wonder how far they can go and what they can show in the important matches. Since the last season, Creepwave changed almost their entire squad, and they are a completely different team now. Even though they have some decent names, I do believe Ghost Frogs is a better squad overall, at least on the paper. I still didn’t watch their matches, but we will sure get to know them a little bit more in the upcoming days and weeks. Ghost Frogs ML or if you want a higher risk, higher reward go with Creepwave +1.5 handicap. It can happen.


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