CS:GO (IEM) Daily Betting Tips - February 16th

We take a look at today's prop bets in the IEM Katowice play-in stage

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16th Feb, 21·☕️ 3 min read

blameF to get 25+ kills (1st Map)@3x

blameF To Get 25+ Kills (1st Map)

Yes (3.00)

The prop bet is whether or not blameF will get 25 kills or more in Complexity’s opening match against NiP. The fact that NiP tends to perma-ban Dust2 is good for blameF in this series, as this is one of the maps where his fragging output is a lot lower than on other maps.

If we see Train in this matchup, blameF has a decent chance of popping off as this is one of his best maps in the pool. With that said, 25 kills is a lot and if we see a map like Inferno or Vertigo, his chance of getting 25 kills is greatly diminished. Personally, I think we aren’t getting long enough odds here. In order for this bet to be profitable, blameF needs to get 25+ kills more than 33.33% of the time. If this line was set at 23+ frags, it would be one that I would recommend taking. In contrast, we were given the same line on s1mple last week, a player who has a far better fragging output than blameF.

I would only recommend taking this line if we see a map like Train or Mirage, and you think that this is going to be a very competitive series. We’re talking a 16-14 type game or one that goes to overtime.

valde vs Brollan

Who Will Get More Kills? valde Vs Brollan - (Match)

Brollan (2.00)

fnatic’s Brollan goes up against valde in this head-to-head prop bet. fnatic are coming in as a slight favourite in this match and they have been the better team in recent time, winning three out of the last five series against OG. The map that we are likely to see in this match is likely going to be either Mirage or Inferno. Brollan slightly edges out valde on inferno and he is a lot better on most of the other maps in the pool. However, valde has outperformed Brollan in 5 out of 7 series against fnatic. His excellent play on Mirage is what makes this a very close matchup. In the last three series against fnatic, valde has posted 27-28 frags on this map.

Personally, I favour Brollan here by a slight margin due to fnatic’s position as the favourite and his overall numbers, but this is an extremely close matchup and it really comes down to what map we will see. If we see Mirage over Inferno for example, I think you can make a solid case for valde here over Brollan.


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