CS:GO (IEM & Flashpoint) Daily Betting Tips - November 14th

A spot in the quarter-finals will be up for grabs today as Heroic take on NiP at IEM Beijing. We break down that match and more in today's betting tips.

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14th Nov, 20·☕️ 2 min read

Flashpoint 2: Dignitas vs. c0ntact

c0ntact (1.40)

Dignitas have yet to win a match with this new roster and they will likely extend that streak unless f0rest and Hallzerk put on a hell of a performance against c0ntact. They just don’t have enough quality outside of f0rest and Hallzerk to really compete.

IEM Beijing: NiP vs. Heroic

NiP +1.5 (1.44)

NiP are playing pretty well at the moment, having beaten G2 and NaVi in recent time. Heroic may be one of the world’s best teams at the moment, but in some ways they are an ideal opponent for NiP. Nuke and Dust2 are maps where NiP struggle, but since Heroic does not play Dust2, NiP can ban Nuke and get a set of maps where they have a far better chance of success. This is exactly what happened at DreamHack Open Fall, where Heroic went for the Dust2 ban, giving us Vertigo and Train as the two maps. NiP were able to snatch a map in that series, and I think they have a good chance of doing so once more.


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