CS:GO (ESL Pro League) Daily Betting Tips - September 10th

Can 100 Thieves bounce back with a victory, or will Chaos pull of the upset? We break down four EPL games in today's betting tips.

Valentin Gustafsson
Freelance Esports Writer
10th Sep, 2020·☕️ 3 min read

ESL Pro League: NaVi vs. AGO

NaVi (1.22)

NaVi will look to maintain their top placing in the group with a win against bottom-ranked AGO. Vertigo and Overpass are likely to get banned in the map veto, so I would expect AGO to pick Inferno here. This is what they have commonly done against teams with a map pool similar to that of NaVi, such as Sprout whom they faced earlier in the month. NaVi will have the option of picking Dust2 or Nuke, but they tend to stick to Dust2 for the most part and I don’t think they respect AGO enough not to pick it against them. AGO does have some upset potential, but it is limited since they won’t get to pick Vertigo as they did in their upset against Heroic. We’re getting short odds here on NaVi, but it is hard not to see them get things done over three maps.

ESL Pro League: BIG vs. Heroic

BIG Map 2 (1.70)

BIG have played Heroic three times so far this year, and they have been very dominant in this matchup, sweeping the Danes in all three of those series. Heroic have gone for Inferno in every match so far against BIG, and it makes you wonder if it wouldn’t be better to take a stab on a map like Vertigo. Regardless, BIG are big favourites here in my mind, especially on their map pick of Dust2 and Overpass where they have a clear advantage.

ESL Pro League: G2 vs. ENCE

G2 Map 2 (1.69)

G2 and ENCE have faced off two times this year, with G2 coming out on top on both occasions. G2 went for Mirage in the first meeting, which gave the Finns a way back into the game, but they quickly adjusted and went for Nuke in their last meeting which resulted in a dominant 2–0 sweep. ENCE are looking pretty solid at the moment, but assuming that G2 pick Nuke again, I favour the Frenchmen to take this one. ENCE will definitely have a fighter’s chance on Train, but Nuke will be troublesome when you consider that G2 have beaten strong Nuke teams such as Heroic, OG and GODSENT in the past two weeks.

ESL Pro League: 100 Thieves vs. Chaos

Chaos +1.5 (1.38)

100 Thieves and Chaos have faced off twice this year, with each team taking a win apiece. Nuke, Inferno and Mirage have been the maps in both of these games, and this is a map veto that suits Chaos nicely here as the underdog. 100 Thieves are in a rough patch at the moment, losing four straight, while Chaos are coming in with high confidence after sweeping Gen.G. The map handicap is a solid play on Chaos since they have a solid shot at the upset on either of the two maps, but the money line is also an option at the longer odds.


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