CS:GO (ESL) Daily Betting Tips - March 17th

We check out some of today's prop bets from ESL Pro League, including why ropz could have a good day for mousesports

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17th Mar, 21·☕️ 2 min read

Plopski vs ropz

Who Will Get More Kills? ropz Vs Plopski (Match)

Recommended Bet: ropz (2.00)

We get ropz vs. Plopski in this H2H matchup at even odds. mousesports have really struggled in ESL Pro League, but someone who hasn’t is ropz. The Estonian has averaged 0.81 kills/round so far in the league. Plopski hasn’t been to shabby so far for NiP either, but he doesn’t post the type of numbers that ropz does, averaging 0.69 kills/round. I think it is quite likely that we see maps like Nuke and Mirage in this series, and Plopski has mostly been outshined by the likes of nawwk and REZ on these two maps. For that reason, I would much rather go with ropz here who is the clear top dog on mousesports. He has shown the ability to put up crazy numbers even in losses, like his 78 kill performance against ENCE. Personally, I think there is great value on ropz here at 2.00.

ZywOo total kills

Vitality to win 2-0 and ZywOo to get over 44.5 kills (Match)

Recommended Bet: Yes (3.00)

ENCE have been the surprise of Group B, winning 2 games so far. With that said, I think they will meet their maker in this match against Vitality. Train has been a key map for ENCE so far in the league, having won this map against both G2 and mousesports. Sadly for ENCE, this is Vitality’s perma-ban so they won’t get to play it. Train was ENCE’s best map even with their old roster, and it is a map where allu is at his best. Not being able to play Train puts them at a significant disadvantage in my opinion especially when they are going up against a team like Vitality. For that reason, I think Vitality have a great chance at sweeping this series. The question is if ZywOo will put up 44.5 frags in the series. So far, he has been incredible in ESL Pro League, so I actually don’t mind this bet even though I would generally not recommend this type of prop.


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