CS:GO (DreamHack) Daily Betting Tips - December 2nd

We break down a few of today's games in DreamHack Masters, including the prop bet promotion on offer in the match between Astralis and Liquid.

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2nd Dec, 20·☕️ 2 min read

DreamHack Masters Winter: mousesports vs. GODSENT

GODSENT +1.5 (1.59)

GODSENT are coming off a big upset against Astralis, and they are now set to face off against mousesports. Interestingly, mousesports are a team that GODSENT have historically matched up quite well against. So far this year, they have won two out of the three matches that they have played against mouz, both of which were clean 2-0 sweeps. I do think that this matchup is slightly more difficult for GODSENT than in the past due to mousesports’ current form on Vertigo, but there is enough upset potential to consider taking the underdog in this spot.

DreamHack Masters Winter: Liquid vs. Astralis

dupreeh: 1st Map Over 19.5 Kills (1.86)

EliGE: 2nd Map Over 18.5 Kills (1.90)

Historically, Nuke and Inferno have been the most common maps between Astralis and Liquid, but I suspect we could see a bit of a different veto this time around. Liquid have started picking Dust2 a lot more frequently, and I suspect they might go for it here against Astralis. If they do, dupreeh will have a chance to shine as this is his best map in the pool. Astralis will likely pick either Nuke or Inferno, and this is a map where both EliGE and NAF shine. EliGE is the better player overall, having posted an outlandish 0.88 kills/round over the past three months, but NAF definitely should not be understimated. However, NAF tends to struggle on a lot of the other maps in the pool, so if you’re planning on betting on him, I would recommend waiting until we see the veto.


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