CS:GO Daily Betting Tips - January 28th

We break down some of today's action at cs summit 7 and DreamHack Open

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28th Jan, 21·☕️ 3 min read

DreamHack Open: FunPlus Phoenix vs. HellRaisers

FPX Map 2 (1.41)

Both of these teams lost their opening matches 2-0. FunPlus Phoenix are playing this tournament with chrisJ who just came in on loan from mousesports. He bottomfragged in his debut, posting 34 frags and a -15 K/D differential. However, this was to be expected, as I expect him to be utilized on the entry most of the time. He actually managed the most opening kills on the team by a decent margin with 9 opening kills, which speaks to the passive nature on the remainder of the players on the team. FPX should have a good chance of bouncing back with a victory against the weakest team at the tournament in the form of HellRaisers. I would expect FPX to pick either Nuke or Overpass against HellRaisers, and they will be a significant favourite on either one. On Nuke, HellRaisers have lost to the likes of Unique, Trident and forZe to start the year, and on Overpass they were absolutely annihiliated by Winstrike 16-2.

cs_summit 7: Cloud9 vs. FURIA

Cloud9 Map 1 (1.88)

Cloud9 take on FURIA in what will be a rematch of the opening match where FURIA beat Cloud 2-1. The maps in that series were Inferno and Nuke, and I suspect that the two teams will run it back on these two maps. Cloud9 beat FURIA convincingly on Nuke by a score of 16-4 in that series. This is FURIA’s worst map in the pool in terms of overall win rate at 59.5% and one that Cloud9 have proven to be a respectable team on, beating teams like Spirit, NiP and ENCE. It is also a map where they have never lost on with single digits, as they always seem to muster more than 12 rounds even against strong Nuke teams like Complexity, OG and mousesports. For that reason, I think the best play is to take Cloud9 to win their map choice if they pick Nuke again. As always, keep in mind that the map order could change. I would take a look at the match ticker on HLTV or elsewhere to get a gauge on what maps we could see in this series.


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