CS:GO Daily Betting Tips - January 15th

Today we have 2 amazing series in 2 different leagues.

rand 1919
Freelance Esports Writer
15th Jan, 21·☕️ 3 min read

Before big gun tier 1 teams come out next week in the BLAST Series, we are following the Vulkan Fight Series and United Pro Series. Here are my picks and predictions for two matches today.

Vulkan Fight Series 2020: HellRaisers vs Sinners

Sinners @ 1.97

This will be a very interesting match. HellRaisers have better form ranking and they have won 4 out of the last 5 matches. Looks like they are slightly favoured on all sportsbooks. Their HLTV ranking is much better (#37) compared to Sinners (#65). On the other side Sinners are on fire. With 5 wins out of 5 matches they look unstoppable in this tier 3 scene. This year, they already have 2 wins, 2-0 vs Project X and 2-0 vs Dignitas. Two impressive victories for an up and coming Czech squad. With experience from veteran oskar, and youth in terms of Zedko and Neofrag with very high ratings, they are looking to be a tough opponent for HellRaisers. Don’t get me wrong, this match has a high likelihood of a 3 map series. HellRaisers looked very good against favoured forZe yesterday. With their 2-1 victory they showed that they beat even higher rated teams currently. Sinners have a pretty good map pool and individual quality in terms of ratings and fragging, but HellRaisers have that consistency. Over 2.5 maps is a good bet here. If you ask me who will take this, I see a great potential in a Sinners ML bet. High risk, but nice return and value.

UNITED Pro Series Winter 2020: Alternate Attax vs Sprout

Sprout @ 1.32

The last clash of those two teams in November last year went to Alternate Attax’s favour. A clean 2-0 win but slightly different rosters for both teams. Overall, I do think that Sprout did a better job with their recruitments. Sprout did get away with getting kRYSTAL from Godsent and Krimbo from BIG Academy as those are pretty big moves for them. kRYSTAL is bringing a lot of experience with him on the tier 1 stage, while Krimbo with his amazing 1.21 ratings is surely a young talent of the German scene. However, Sprout has Spiidi and denis as pretty big guns on their side regarding experience. Their new youngster slaxz- is doing impressive work ingame and with 1.21 is currently the highest rated player on the team. Sprout’s map pool is pretty strong, and if they will play Dust2, Nuke or Vertigo, this can surely be a high chance for them to take at least 1 map. Alternate Attax did an amazing job vs Unicorns of Love and SPARX. Clean 2-0 victories for their first wins in 2021. Sprout are my favourites here and bookmakers favourites. Odds are a little bit lower, but this is another match where 3 maps are possible.


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