CS:GO Daily Betting Tips - January 12th

Smaller tier 3 CSGO leagues have started their competitions and here we are today to follow a few matches in the Vulkan Fight Series and United Pro Series.

rand 1919
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12th Jan, 21·☕️ 3 min read

We are still waiting for the new CS:GO season to get into swing. Here are some of my CS:GO picks for some tier 3 CSGO games and predictions for Tuesday.

Vulkan Fight Series 2020: HellRaisers vs ex-Ethereal

HellRaisers @ 1.45

Here we are in the Round 1 of the competition’s playoffs. This will be the first match for both teams in this year and it will be interesting to see in what form they are playing currently. ex-Ethereal has some high rated players. With a 1.18 rating, zorte is their best player in the last months. On the other side, HellRaisers highest rated player is ProbLeM with 1.10 rating. In their last series in October last year, HellRaisers lost to Ethereal with 0-2, but now I do think they are showing as an improved team. Map pool is kinda equal and we can expect a close series. Both of those teams can pull out a win, even though I do think HellRaisers have an advantage. 3 maps highly possible.

Vulkan Fight Series 2020: Sinners Esports vs Project X

Sinners Esports @ 1.43

Those two teams are not even in the top 50 of HLTV rankings. However, they are performing well. Especially Sinners, who showed some amazing performances in their last matches at the end of the last year. They have really nice and high caliber players. All their fraggers have 1.03 or higher rankings. Veteran oskar is their best fragger lately with amazing 1.34 ratings. Map pool is on the Sinners side as they have better win ratio on all maps compared to their today’s opponents. Project X can surprise however, as they showed a tendency to beat even stronger teams before. They beat Sinners 16-12 yesterday in a best of 1 minor tournament’s qualifier match, so that must mean something. However, my money is on the Sinners ML.

UNITED Pro Series Winter 2020: SPARX vs Alternate Attax

Alternate Attax

SPARX is a new squad on the scene consisting of some really unknown players. So unknown that they are not even in the database and are not ranked on HLTV. However, their top fragger hyskeee from Lithuania is killing it with 1.29 rantings in the last 3 months. Really impressive. However, this should be a clean match for Alternate Attax. They’ve just bought kRYSTAL from Godsent, which will help them a lot with his experience playing on the higher tier. However, it’s questionable how this new Alternate squad will perform and a big threat can be SPARX’s lack of matches, as this will be their first one. Alternate Attax should win this, both on individual quality and team play.


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