CS:GO (cs_summit 7) Daily Betting Tips - January 25th

We break down some of today's action at cs_summit 7, including why NiP could be in line to upset

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25th Jan, 21·☕️ 2 min read

cs_summit 7: NiP vs. VP

NiP (1.99) and/or NiP +1.5 (1.31) were one of the hottest teams in the game to end the year, but they are an ideal opponent for NiP. perma-bans Nuke, which is one of NiP’s worst maps in the pool and one that always puts them in trouble against elite teams. The fact that VP bans Nuke will allow NiP to ban Dust2, which just so happens to be one of VP’s best maps in the pool. Getting both Nuke and Dust2 out of the picture is absolutely ideal for NiP. In fact, they rarely get an opportunity like this as they are constantly getting punished by strong Nuke and Dust2 teams. Against VP, they should get a set of maps where they have a strong chance of winning as a slight underdog with the bookies.

cs_summit 7: FURIA vs. Cloud9

Cloud9 +1.5 (1.50)

Cloud9 are set to make their debut with Xeppaa in this match against FURIA. The Brazilians are still without Junior and will have to play this match with honda, who recently joined the team as a rotational sixth player. honda made his debut for FURIA at BLAST last week and he had a bizarre tournament as he managed to pull off three aces in the first two games, but still ended the tournament as FURIA’s lowest rated player. The fact that honda is a rifler means that arT has to AWP, and while he is a great AWPer, there is no doubt that this hurts FURIA’s chances somewhat. Meanwhile, Cloud9 will be hungry to prove themselves here. I could see Cloud9 taking a map here against a FURIA side that has looked dodgy so far with honda.


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