CS:GO (BLAST Prop Bets) Daily Betting Tips - December 9th

We break down the prop bets on offer in today's matches in the BLAST Premier Fall Finals.

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9th Dec, 20·☕️ 3 min read

Prop Bet Preview (BLAST Premier)

BLAST Premier Fall Finals: FURIA vs. G2

1st Map - Total Kills By HEN1 Over/Under 17.5

HEN1 has been in pretty good form over the last three months. He is second only to yuurih in kills/round in this time period. However, he is a very map specific AWPer and his performance is going to depend largly on who picks first and who picks what. I assume that FURIA have been seeded higher than G2 as they are ranked ahead of G2 in the world ranking. If that is indeed the case, G2 should pick first here, and they have picked Mirage in the last two meetings with FURIA. With the exception of Vertigo, there is no other map in the pool where HEN1 has performed better. In the last three points, he has amassed 0.77 kills/round on this map, just slightly trailing yuurih with 0.78 kills/round. He was able to output 17 frags on Mirage in their last meeting, and 22 frags in the match before that. Assuming that Mirage is the first map of this series, HEN1 should be in a good spot to cover the spread here.

Suggestion: Over 20.5 (1.78)

2nd Map - Total Kills By NiKo Over/Under 20.5

We are being offered a line on both the Kovac cousins from G2, and it is NiKo who probably has the highest chance of showing up here against FURIA. Again, this one is going to depend on a lot on the map choice. If FURIA pick second, Inferno is quite probable. This is a map where NiKo has been far better than anyone else on G2, scoring 0.82 kills/round since his arrival. This is pretty impressive considering that they have a losing record on Inferno so far. He was unable to score more than 20.5 frags in their loss to FURIA, but he exceeded this number by a big margin in their two losses to Astralis. Both of those games went to OT, but NiKo scored more than 20.5 frags in regulation in both of those matches as well (30 and 26.).

Suggestion: Over 17.5 (1.86)

BLAST Premier Fall Finals: OG vs. BIG

1st Map - Total Kills By valde Over/Under 20.5

valde has been a beast recently, especially on Inferno which is OG’s most picked map in this matchup. He was able to score well over 20.5 frags in their last two matches against BIG on Inferno, and he is the teams’ best performer with 0.72 kills/round on all maps over the past three months. Assuming that OG picks first as the lower ranked team, I like valde’s chances of covering the spread in this one.

Suggestion: Over 20.5 (1.86)


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