CS:GO (BLAST) Daily Betting Tips - January 22nd

We break down two of today's matches in the BLAST Global Final, including a battle of giants as s1mple's NaVi take on NiKo's G2.

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22nd Jan, 21·☕️ 3 min read

BLAST Global Final 2020: NaVi vs. G2

G2 (1.79) or NaVi Map 2 (1.87)

NaVi have played some dodgy CS at this event so far, which is why G2 are coming in as a slight favourite in this match. Personally, I am quite bullish on G2 and I think they have what it takes to beat NaVi here across three maps, but if NaVi play their cards right in the veto I think they will win their map choice. They tend to go for Train against G2, and this is a map where G2 aren’t nearly as comfortable as on some of the more scrimmy maps in the pool. In fact, Train and Vertigo are their least played maps so far with NiKo. With that said, I think G2 are a team with more things going for them right now and I like their chances of taking this series. I would expect a pretty sweaty match though because of how the two stack up in terms of map pools. The fact that G2 don’t really play Vertigo or Train sets up quite well for NaVi, and I would expect a set of maps where NaVi will have a fighters’ chance despite their questionable form.

BLAST Global Final 2020: Liquid vs. Evil Geniuses

Over 2.5 Maps (1.90)

Liquid take on Evil Geniuses in this classic North American matchup. Evil Geniuses have gotten the better of Liquid in recent history, winning the last six series. With that said, Liquid have looked decent with FalleN so far and they are actually the odds-on favourite to win this match. It is worth noting that Liquid have picked Mirage in the last three BO3s against EG, but have failed to capitalize on the fact that this is a weak map for EG, losing all three times. For that reason, I expect EG to leave Mirage in there and ban either Vertigo or Overpass. They tend to ban Vertigo in this spot, but honestly, I think they will have a much bigger advantage if they ban Overpass when you consider their poor form on this map. If they do, I favour Evil Geniuses and I would take them here at the longer number. If they don’t, Liquid are in a much better spot. Regardless, this should be a closely contested series and more than 2 maps is a likely scenario.


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