CS:GO (BLAST) Daily Betting Tips - January 20th

We break down today's prop bets for the BLAST Global Final

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20th Jan, 21·☕️ 4 min read

BLAST Global Final 2020: Vitality vs. Complexity

PickleBet are running several player specific prop bets for this event. The players for this matchup are the Danish duo of blameF and k0nfig for Complexity, and ZywOo and apEX on Vitality. Let’s take a look at if they have potential to put up the frags required or not.

Total Kills By k0nfig (Over/Under 18.5 kills)

k0nfig has been the team’s best fragger so far since jks joined the team. He is excellent on Mirage in particular, which has been Complexity’s most common map choice against Vitality (3 wins, 2 losses). He even has some potential to put up numbers on Vitality’s map choice, as he has been the only player on Complexity to put up more than 0.75 kills/round on Dust2 and Vertigo. The only spot where I don’t quite like k0nfig is if Complexity were to pick Nuke, where blameF is a much better play.

  • Recommended Bet: 1st Map - Total Kills by k0nfig - Over 18.5 (1.79)

Total Kills By blameF (Over/Under 17.5 kills)

As the lower ranked team, I would expect Complexity to play the first map in this series. They tend to go for either Nuke or Mirage against Vitality, with Mirage being their most common map choice (3 wins, 2 losses). If they go for Nuke as their map pick, blameF has great potential to exceed 17.5 kills here. Since jks joined the roster, this has been his best map in the pool, with a K/D ratio of 1.43 and a staggering 0.88 kills/round in 240 rounds. He plays outside on CT, which is a position where you have potential to rack up a lot of frags on the lurk. Mirage is also a decent map for him, however, I would much rather pick k0nfig on this map, so it may be worth seeing if you can find out the map veto before the bets are locked in.

Vitality tend to pick either Dust2 and Vertigo, and so far, these have been pretty underwhelming maps for blameF. He doesn’t die a lot, but he doesn’t put himself in positions to really rack up frags either. Considering that Complexity are playing this match with a stand-in, it is quite likely that they get destroyed on Vitality’s map choice as well, so I actually don’t mind betting against blameF on the second map in the series.

  • Recommended Bet: 1st Map - Total Kills by blameF - Over 17.5 (1.75)
  • Recommended Bet: 2nd Map - Total Kills by blameF - Under 17.5 (1.95)

Total Kills By apEX (Over/Under 18.5 kills)

So this is a bit of a weird one. apEX’s line is set at o/u 18.5 frags, which mostly has to do with the fact that they are a considerable favourite here. He actually hasn’t exceeded this number in most of the matches against Complexity over the past year. In their last three meetings, apEX hasn’t been able to put up more than 16 frags on their map choice. His best map in the pool is probably Nuke, which there is a possibility that Complexity picks here, so I think the safer play overall is to bet against apEX on their map choice, as weird as it sounds.

  • Recommended Bet: 2nd Map - Total Kills by apEX - Under 18.5 (1.95)

Total Kills By ZywOo (Over/Under 20.5 kills)

ZywOo has been given quite a high number of o/u 20.5 kills in this matchup. He is a beast pretty much across the board, putting up big numbers on just about every map in the pool. This one actually comes down to whether or not you think that Complexity can hang in there and put up some rounds. If they can muster more than 10 rounds on any of the maps in the series, ZywOo will likely cover the spread here. In my opinion, Complexity have the highest chance of doing so on their own map choice, which is why I think the best play is to bet on ZywOo to score more than 20.5 kills on Map 1 in the series.

  • Recommended Bet: 1st Map - Total Kills by ZywOo - Over 20.5 (1.73)


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