BLAST Premier Fall Showdown 2020 - Preview

Only two will make it to through to the BLAST Fall Finals. Who will it be?

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24th Nov, 20·☕️ 6 min read

Only two will make it to through to the BLAST Fall Finals. Who will it be?

Competition Information

The BLAST Premier Fall Showdown is a last-chance qualifier for the Fall Finals, a separate tournament scheduled for December 8th.

Sixteen teams will battle through a best-of-three, single-elimination bracket to determine who gets the last two spots in the Fall Finals. This means that no grand final will be played at this event. The two best teams will each get $25,000 and 1500 Circuit Points in addition to the spot in the Fall Finals in December.

The lineup of teams includes the likes of Complexity and NiP, who will get a second chance after failing to make it to the playoffs in the regular season, as well as several teams who have either been invited or have qualified through some of BLAST’s partner events. Two of those teams are MAD Lions and GODSENT, who qualified for this event through Elisa Invitational.

It is also worth noting that Heroic (#2 in the world) have come in to replace Evil Geniuses, who withdrew just a day before the start of the event due to travel complications. A tough pill to swallow for Endpoint, whos chances of advancement just became a whole lot slimmer.

The first-round matchups are as follows:

  • FURIA (1.07) vs. Isurus (7.40)
  • Spirit (1.98) vs. (1.80)
  • FaZe (1.74) vs. MIBR (2.02)
  • Liquid (1.70) vs. MAD Lions (2.08)
  • Heroic (1.19) vs. Endpoint (4.20)
  • mousesports (1.36) vs. GODSENT (3.00)
  • Complexity (1.29) vs. Sprout (3.55)
  • NiP (1.41) vs. Cloud9 (2.80)

BLAST Premier Fall Showdown kicks off November 24th and runs through November 29th.

The Current Season


Record: 114 / 0 / 68
Most Played Map: Nuke (80.6%)
Best Map: Nuke (80.6%)
Worst Map: Dust2 (50.0%)

Heroic have, without a doubt, been one of the standout teams throughout the online era alongside teams like Vitality and BIG. They were initially not supposed to be playing this event, but Evil Geniuses dropping out of the competition gave them a spot. They will be facing off against Endpoint in the first round, a match in which they will be heavy favourites. However, the remainder of the bracket is quite competitive with teams like Complexity, NiP and mousesports who could potentially give them trouble.


Record: 123 / 0 / 80
Most Played Map: Mirage (63.5%)
Best Map: Dust2 (67.5%)
Worst Map: Inferno (38.1%)

Complexity now have a couple of tournaments under their belt with jks, who joined the team from 100 Thieves back in October. Their first tournament together was shaky, but they did perform well at IEM Beijing, getting third place after beating the likes of BIG, NaVi and fnatic. jks has been playing well since joining, posting a 1.10 rating in all matches with Complexity. What worries me a bit about Complexity is the fact that poizon is playing well below his usual level, having posted a rating of 0.86 since jks joined the team. If Complexity want to make it through a very competitive bracket which includes teams like Heroic and NiP, they will need poizon to return to form.


Record: 94 / 0 / 50
Most Played Map: Inferno (63.4%)
Best Map: Mirage (82.6%)
Worst Map: Nuke (51.7%)

FURIA have been amazing in North America, but so far their experience in Europe has been lacklustre, losing out to both G2 and MIBR in the regular season of BLAST Fall Series. With that said, they have received a great first-round matchup against bottom-ranked Isurus, and they won’t have to go up against heavy hitters like Heroic and Complexity in their side of the bracket, making them one of the favourites to qualify. However, there are rumours circulating that HEN1 could be on his way out of the team. Clearly, this is not due to his performance in-game, as he has been fantastic since joining the team from Luminosity. We have seen teams both sink and swim in a situation like this. If FURIA don’t show up, their side of the bracket is entirely up in the air.
Record: 54 / 0 / 17
Most Played Map: Dust2 (75.0%)
Best Map: Dust2 (75.0%)
Worst Map: Overpass (71.4%) have been playing some awesome CS recently. They dominated the competition to win IEM New York CIS, and they had a respectable showing in their debut at Flashpoint 2 as well, beating Cloud9 and Gen.G before falling at the hands of OG. Interestingly, they face off against regional rivals Spirit in the first round, a team that they have notoriously struggled against. If they win that match, they will likely have to square off against a very dangerous FURIA side. If it wasn’t for that, I would rate them a lot higher in this tournament.


Record: 47 / 2 / 53
Most Played Map: Train (57.1%)
Best Map: Overpass (60.0%)
Worst Map: Dust2 (16.7%)

It is so hard to know what to expect from this NiP side. The individual quality is there, but their map pool is still somewhat lacking. Their Nuke and Dust2 are particularly poor, and their side of the bracket is crawling with good Nuke and Dust2 teams, with Complexity being the prime example of an opponent that they struggle with. Interestingly, the team that they match up best against is probably Heroic, so I would like their chances at an upset if they were to face off against them in a potential final, but they would have to get past some really tough competition just to get there.

Betting Tips

Out of the first-round matchups, GODSENT stands out as a team that could potentially pull off an upset. They have beaten mousesports 2-0 in their last two meetings, so they have shown that they are capable of beating them. It needs to be said that they will be playing this match with emi instead of kRYSTAL as the IGL, and it is questionable if this really is the right fit for them, but I still think they are more than capable of the upset.

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