All-Star 2020 Preview

Capping off the year in a light-hearted fashion, the annual League of Legends All-Star event is set to once again close out the competitive season with the tournament’s first online instance.

Lee "Couple Sodi Pops" Jones
Freelance Esports Writer
17th Dec, 20·☕️ 3 min read

All-Stars was most recently held in Las Vegas where pros, retired players and influencers were pitted against each other in a variety of show matches, however the online event will see a change in format to accommodate ping differences from those competing from regions around the globe.

Underdog Uprising

underdog uprising

Play will kick off on Friday 18th December, starting with Underdog Uprising. This will pit each of the four largest regions’ top professionals (LPL, LCK, LEC and LCS) against their neighbouring emerging leagues. The teams for each region are compiled, as usual, by fan voting. However, some players that competed across international events do request not to be involved in order to have a well-deserved break during the off-season.

  • LCK vs PCS & OCE
  • LPL vs VCS & LJL
  • LCS vs LLA & CBLOL
  • LEC vs TCL & LCL

In amongst these games, the LPL and LCK, as well as LCS and LEC, will play each other in Nexus Blitz showmatches.

Red Bull 1v1 Tournaments

Starting on the same day as Undergod Uprising are the Red Bull 1v1 tournaments. These will be four separate tournaments held for each of the four major regions, seeing who is the most mechanically gifted 1v1 player from each of the talent pools. Semi-finals and finals of the 1v1 tournaments will take place on Saturday 19th.

Superstar Showdown

superstar showdown

The Superstar Showdown, held across Saturday 19th to Sunday 20th, will see the four major regions compete in two separate head-to-head days.

The 19th puts Korea’s LCK against China’s LPL, starting with a match of Queue Kings (streamers/influencers). These will compete in a best-of-one, after which another is competed by league Legends (retired professionals).

Finally, the All-Star lineup from each region will play a best-of-three series.

On Saturday 20, the same set of games will then be carried out for Europe’s LEC against North America’s LCS

Sodi Pops’ Pick - LCS All-Stars to beat LEC All-Stars in Superstar Showdown

lcs v lck

Perhaps a take of the hot variety, I could easily see North America’s LCS finally getting one over on Europe’s LEC in the best-of-three All-Star series. With G2 Esports and Fnatic both making commendable Worlds runs, the majority of each team appear to have backed out of the competition with the likes of Perkz, Caps and Rekkles unable to be voted for by fans.

As a result, their All-Star lineup is not as strong on paper as has been seen at previous tournaments while their LCS competitors is mostly made of the strongest player in each position.

Given North America’s lack of international success in recent years, this for-fun tournament could provide a rare platform for them to get chalk one up for the LCS and at least secure some form of bragging rights for the next few months.


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