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Dota2 Daily Fantasy Esports is an online contest where you create a team of Dota2 professional players to compete against other fantasy players.

A daily fantasy contest is usually made up from two or more Dota2 matches. Your team will consist of five players who are participating in the matches. There are a maximum of three players you can pick from each team and you must pick 1 Off Lane, 1 Mid Lane, 1 Safe Lane, and 2 Support players to create your team.

When the matches or tournament starts, the players you pick in your team roster score points based on the actions they do in the match. Players will gain points based on actions such as kills or assists and lost points for actions such as dieing. The full list of how players score points can be found within the contest page.

Your roster then competes against the rosters’ of other users who have joined the contest. If your roster scores the highest points you win a share in the contest prize pool. If you come first, you get the biggest slice of the pie.

You are given 100,000 to spend on your team, this is the salary cap limit. Each player has a purchase value ascribed to them. The better the player, the higher the cost. The total cost of your team roster must be under the 100,000 salary cap.

Picklebet Dota2 daily fantasy esports runs contests that are free to play and pay to play.

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Once you have selected your full team roster, you need to choose one player to be your captain. Your captain’s individual points tally will be multiplied by 125%.

This means you want to pick the one player in your roster who you think will score the highest points.

Read our guide to see learn how to pick your captain!


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