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How To Bet On Dota2

To get started betting on Dota2 you first need to register an account with Picklebet. Once you have created an account, deposit some money and you are ready to go! You can start betting by clicking any of the teams or markets you may want to bet on above. When you do this action, the betting market will get added to the bet slip. You can think of the bet slip, like a shopping cart for an online store.

Then, from the bet slip, just enter the amount of money you want to wager. This is called the Stake. Submit the bet and you’re done!

Dota 2 betting involves wagering money on the outcome of a Dota 2 match or an event happening in a Dota2 match.

Picklebet provides Dota 2 betting markets and odds are applied to each of the markets. Odds represent the underlying chance that an event will occur.

Why Trust Picklebet For Dota 2 Betting?

Betting on Esports used to be risky business. There is an ever increasing number of different games and tournaments you can bet on and a growing number of websites wanting to take your bets. It was even harder when you weren’t sure if your background check on a site was thorough enough.

Picklebet solves this problem by providing one of the most secure betting systems around. Our platform has been built from scratch to be easy-to-use and highly functional for both new and experienced betters alike.

We want to make sure your experience at Picklebet is as good as possible. We are an Australian-based Dota 2 betting service and fully licensed and regulated by Australian laws. Picklebet was built for passionate eSports fans by a team of eSports fans who felt there was not a catered experience available on any popular websites for gamers to place safe and secure bets.

Picklebet offer the most advanced Esport betting system in Australia. If there was ever a place to make a bet on an Esport league it is here. All transactions on Picklebet are processed through our secure servers and SSL encryption technology. We guarantee that all funds are safe and your winnings will be made available before you know it!

Common Questions

Can I Bet On International Tournaments?

Currently, Picklebet offers Dota 2 betting on all major Dota 2 matches and tournaments. You can see our list of games available under our “Next to Go” tab at the top of this page. Be sure to check in before any major game that you are interested in to lock in the odds that suit you.

Didn’t Steam Ban Dota 2 Gambling?

In September 2017, Valve announced that they were no longer going to allow Steam users to trade items or gamble with their Dota virtual currency. This has no impact on the legality of licensed gambling websites. Dota 2 bets with our website are placed according to Australian currency and Australian betting laws rather than terms of use for the Dota 2 currency. One of the best things this ban brought with it was helping to legitimise Esports betting and removing unregulated behaviours.

How many matches are there each day?

The number of Dota 2 betting options is subject to the number of professional games being played. However, the team at Picklebet are always expanding the number of popular leagues and options we give online punters. If you have any questions or require any help please feel free to reach out to our websites friendly support team today.

How are Gambling Odds Decided?

Gambling odds are primarily determined by the mathematical probability of a given event.

The factors involved are too many to list, but three primary factors in deciding Dota 2 tournament odds include:

  1. The number of games players or each team has won in total so far (total win count)
  2. The potential for either teams to win this game out of 100% (chance percentage)
  3. How many games there are left to play before one is crowned the victor (remaining matches)

Picklebet’s takes pride in keeping our Dota 2 betting service algorithms up-to-date with all live Esports action and always passing the best odds onto our punters.

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